Special Police Taskforce recovers 51 stolen vehicles from car theft syndicate

Posted by News Express | 18 February 2015 | 3,705 times

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The Inspector-General of Police Special Taskforce on Heinous Crimes has busted a notorious criminal gang that specialises in snatching of vehicles at different points across the country, police headquarters announced this afternoon.

“Four suspects linked with these criminal activities have been arrested and 51 vehicles of different makes as listed below recovered from them,” Force Public Relations Officer, Ag. CP Emmanuel C. S. Ojukwu, said in a statement in Abuja.

He advised members of the public to check through the listed recovered vehicles for possible identification and provide proof of ownership to enable them reclaim same.” The recovered vehicles are currently on safe keeping at the IGP Special Task Force on Heinous Crime facilities in Abuja, Kaduna and Onitsha, with contact phone number: 08035557676,” Ojukwu said in the statement made available to News Express by e-mail.

“While commending the officers and men of the Taskforce for the high-level of professionalism displayed in the course of the operation, IGP Suleiman Abba, CFR, NPOM, NPM, mni further assures members of the public that the Force is being repositioned with modern crime fighting techniques to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the citizens,” Ojukwu added.

S/N  VEHICLE TYPE         REG. NO.     CHASSIS NO.                ENGINE NO.  LOCATION

1 Ford  V8 BUS                         NIL           IFBS53ILIIB53216          NIL         Abuja

2 Jetta      NIL                   3VWSC29MB    XMO112693                    NIL         Abuja

3 Honda CRV 1998                NIL         JHLRD184V4C070606          NIL         Abuja

4 Honda Accord 2007             NIL         JAGCM56810A183022         NIL         Abuja

5 Mitsubishi Space Star          NIL         XXMCLNDGTAXF001175X NIL       Abuja

6 Opel Vectra          NIL         WOL0006384703019             NIL         Abuja

7 Honda CRV         NIL         JHIPD1742WC067279          NIL         Abuja

8 Toyota Corrola     NIL         2TBR18E84C266931             NIL         Abuja

9 Golf Wagon         NIL         IH2W229128          NIL         Abuja

10 Honda Accord (EOD) One Door       NIL JHGCM826X38023108 NIL         Abuja

11 Honda Civic 1997              NIL         JHME9332005319493           NIL         Abuja

12 Honda Accord 2007 Model NIL        JHGCM56136A156052         NIL         Abuja

13 Honda Accord 2007 Model NIL        JHGCD560136A156052        NIL         Abuja

14 Honda Accord    NIL         JHGCM56304A155990         NIL         Abuja

15 Volkswagen Golf 3            NIL         NIL         NIL         Abuja

16 Nissan Premera  NIL         SJNBAAP10L10029124        NIL         Abuja

17 Toyota Carina II NIL         JTILST17100021223              NIL         Abuja

18 Nissan Premira   NIL         SJNBAAP10U0253374         NIL         Abuja

19 Toyota RAV 4 Jeep 1999 Model, Green Colour NIL  SXA11-0163680  35296995  Abuja

20 Toyota 4runner   JJJ 531 CH             JTEZT4RA580068854           VZUZN83085  Abuja

21 Hyundai Jeep     KTU 542 BL           5NMSHI3E27H031517         NIL         Abuja

22 Toyota Camry 1999 Model  AJ 440HAL 4TIBG22K4W0249485   558648228 Abuja

23 Toyota Camry 1999 Model  NSH 492 AA  4TIBG22K4XU097940  558696841  Abuja

24 Toyota Camry 1999 Model                HAL 833 AJ           NIL         NIL         Abuja

25 Old MDL Jetta   CA 485 BEN          NIL         NIL         Abuja

26 Honda Civic1990               NIL         JHMEJ196400X139105         NIL         Kaduna

27 Nissan Ultima 2007           NIL         IN4AL21E67N454726           NIL         Kaduna

28 Honda Civic       NIL         JHMEJ6678V5028312           NIL         Kaduna

29 Honda Civic 1990              NIL         JHMEC832003312195           NIL         Kaduna

30 Toyota Corolla   LSD 114 CB           JTDR82E280018670              NIL         Kaduna

31 Toyota Camry Spider  BDG 244 CJ  4TIBE46K17U194272  2AZ8940764    Kaduna

32 Toyota Camry Spider         244 AJ    4TIBE46K194272  2AZ894764             Onitsha

33 Toyota 4Runner JJJ531CH               NIL         NIL         Onitsha

34 Toyota Corolla   LSD 114 CB           JTDBR82E280018670, IZZ6575704     Onitsha

35 Hyundai Santafe Jeep         KTU 542 BL           NIL         NIL         Onitsha

36 Toyota Camry 1999 Model  HAL 833 AJ SXV200366929 NIL      Onitsha

37 Toyota Camry 1998 Model  NSH 492 AA  4TIBG22K4XU097940 NIL  Onitsha

38 Toyota Camry 1999 Model  AJ 440 HAL 4T1BG22K4W0249485 5S8678228  Onitsha

39 Old Volkswagen Jetta        CA 485 BEN          NIL         NIL         Onitsha

40 Toyota Camry    SMK 214 CZ          4TISK12K8VU990814          NIL         Onitsha

41 Toyota Camry    X 879 KK               4TIBG22K4XU097940          NIL         Onitsha

42 Toyota 4runner Jeep  LND 628 BF   JTE2G14R2D0012277  IGRU047728   Onitsha

43 Toyota Sienna    RB 591 AX             4T32F19C9XU116261           5S84375  Onitsha

44 Toyota Camry, Rinny Light Colour   UKP 362 AV  4T1BG22KIVU091788 NIL  Onitsha

45 Toyota Camry    UWN 154 AE         4T1BE46K57U097138           NIL         Onitsha

46 Volkswagen Golf               DU113 UWN  WWWZZZ1H2PW747727            NIL Onitsha

47 Toyota MATRIX               UMG 355 AA        2T1KR30E86C600534 NIL   Onitsha

48 Honda Civic       NIL         IAGESI6548L009605            NIL         Onitsha

49 Toyota DYNA   XT 735 KST           NIL         NIL         Onitsha

50 Volkswagen Audi              NIL         WAUZZZ89ZJA251166        NIL         Onitsha

51 Toyota Camry    LSD 585 UK          4T1SK12E95U590420  555055341       Onitsha

Source: News Express

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