Why Operation Amotekun will fail — Primate Ayodele

Posted by News Express | 1 February 2020 | 1,878 times

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• Primate Ayodele

Founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos,  and newly appointed United Nations Peace Ambassador, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele has stated his fears over the recently launched Southwest security outfit, codenamed ‘Operation Amotekun.’ He also expressed concerns on the 2023 presidential ambition of APC leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, even as he said Chief Bode George should not waste his time on the coming race.

After providing video evidence of where he prophesied about coronavirus  earlier in the year, he added that the virus will reach the shores of the country but the government can only curb it if medical personnel are well treated

What is your position on the recent killings of some Christians?

If you go through my prophecy for 2020 and before now, it is written that Christians have not seen anything, we have people who are not reliable, who are not formidable, who are not credible as Christian leaders, worst of them is our leaders in CAN, that is why I don’t join them because they are not able to see the truth, they are ‘use and dump’, they are used during elections. They are not vibrant enough to lead, you can’t do that to Muslims, so I see that the Christian leaders are not ready to accept to change, they deceive Christians, they deceive their followers.  We are supposed to see them as pressure group but it is only when there are political functions they will be coming, look at the so-called CAN president, it was so unfortunate, I don’t know who put somebody like that as the CAN president. They don’t take the serious matter seriously, I don’t know why the CAN president will ridicule himself over Osinbajo’s problem. He was dabbling into politics,  going and coming back to defend Osinbajo without any form of investigation.

Christian leaders don’t have one person to lead, the one leading is not right for people, there will still be more Christians to be killed, we have just started, because there are some terrorists that are to fight Christians, that is what the Lord said to me and the fight is coming from Egypt and Libya, they are already coming to Nigeria, that is why our security network is zero.

 Is this a ploy to drag Christians into war?

It is not about jihad, we Christians use fire in our prayers, why can’t we fight with our faith? There are thousands of churches in this country but we can’t come together to protect ourselves. The known leaders have failed us, that is why I don’t give them respect.

I stand for peace, but there is no way to get peace without sacrifice. This is a thing our CAN leaders should know and they should have worked towards it but they are not useful, they are useless; they only go to places their pockets are being filled.

 What is it about the prophecy on Buhari’s inner circle betraying him?

Buhari’s inner circle is still going to betray him because what the Lord has sent Buhari to do, he is not doing it.  If you remember, I told you that corruption will fight Buhari’s government and such has happened. All these will happen because there is a sentiment, his government is not doing the right thing. Politicians have generally failed this country. The unity of this country is under threat, it is only God that can hold this country because Nigeria is about to break.

We will break as a nation before 20 years. Let us be realistic, things are difficult, no job, the economy is dwindling and no electricity.

 You also said something about PDP losing and ceasing to exist if they fail to choose Saraki as flagbearer for the 2019 election?

PDP also lost it when they didn’t choose Saraki as their candidate. The prophecy didn’t fail because the repercussion is what the PDP is seeing and it will continue until God knows when.  Our prophecy has standard, we document all for reference. I prophesied it about Bayelsa and PDP but they never listened. Anybody who takes God for granted will be grounded. Our government has done so and God is grounding our country.

What do you say about Mbaka and his last prophecy on Imo State?

Mbaka is not a prophet. Leave him out of what happened in Imo, he is not a prophet, he is just taking advantage.

 Could that be part of what you once told me that some governors will not finish their term?

God gives spiritual support to whoever that seeks him, not prophecy. I have been saying it that Jonathan will lose the 2015 election and he did. I also said that Buhari will win second term but we would pay for it. If we are talking about prophets, let us talk about Primate Olabayo and Ositelu. Mbaka is not a prophet.

What is your view on Operation Amotekun?

It is a nice and beautiful idea. It is a good project but the cost of the management will cause another problem. They must ensure that the outfit is not turned to another terrorist group. There is a tendency of Nigeria building a terrorist group within the country and this is going to happen before the next 15 years. This includes all other security outfits in the north, if they are not managed properly they will turn to terrorist groups.  They will mismanage Amotekun and corrupt the system. Amotekun is going to crack because of lack of funds for the management. They should not have started at all.  They will threaten the government. Africa is going to experience a new terrorist group from Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger, Benin Republic, and Nigeria. Our security network needs to be reformed and they can’t do it alone without directives from God. Prophets are part of security checkers.

 What is the hope of Southwest in 2023?

This is part of the test of our unity. If the presidency is rotational it should go to Southeast but the East will betray themselves, killing all that gives life to the reality of such. The NorthCentral should be next but they don’t have people to fight for it. Tinubu will shoot himself in the foot because he will play to the hands of his enemies, he should rather take his time and consult God more to have a clear run. But Bode George is wasting his time and money.

What more is God talking to you about?

Ghana’s election will be bloody and the opposition will cause a threat to the government but the president will still win the election. In Togo, the election will cause crises as the president will attempt to rig the election. The Republic of Benin will witness something new, there will be a mass protest because the government will try to kill the opposition completely and the president should pray against terminal ailment that will kill him. Nigeria is going to experience the removal of two senate members. The Malabu scam will occur again. Nigeria needs to pray against religious crises. There will be a landslide in the country. Nigeria needs to use  March 1 to 14 to do national prayer because there is an airborne disease coming to the country. The government should not allow the medical personnel to go on strike. Aviation fuel will be scarce. The China virus will spread through Africa. (The Sun)




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