Helep! My wife Bose and Sikiratu dey for secret meeting (2)

Posted by News Express | 1 November 2019 | 973 times

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Di two both of dem – my wife Bose and Sikiratu – dey for deep discus, dem no even notice me.

Na im I come do fake cough before dem sabi say I don come.

Bose say, “Ah soory my darling. I no even know say you don come back. Welcome.”

Bose call me “My darling” instead of “Baba Bisi”? Dia must be someting wrong somewia. Afraid come catch me.

Na Sikiratu own shock me pass. As Sikiratu jus see me, na im  e kneel down greet me with full respect. And instead make e call me Oga MAT, E come say, “Welcome Daddy. E k’abo Daddy”. Afraid come catch me more, more.

I no fit open mouth talk again. Na which kind coup dis two people don plan for me?

Di next ting be say, Sikiratu stand up and tell Bose say e dey go. E kneel down again to tell me say e wan begin go. Tori Olorun!

Wen Sikiratu don go finish, Bose say make I bring di money make e begin go market , go buy wetin e go take go cook for house quick quick.

I count money give Bose, my wife come give me peck piiaam before e comot for our garage.

I come begin dey talk for my mind say, na wetin make Bose come dey show me dis kind love for garage? And e come be today wen e come jam Sikiratu sote dem come siddon togeder dey discus before I come back?

And wetin make Sikiratu come over respect me today?

Dis ting come disturb me for mind, I no wan carry any passenger again till I close. To begin go house sef for evening na wahala becos I no know wetin dey Bose mind.

As I come begin drive small small dey go our house for Abule Egba , na im my phone ring. I look am, na Sikiratu. I jus cut di call.

Wetin dis buka girl wan tell me wen e don come put me for wahala finish? I dey always tell Sikiratu say, before e begin come garage make e first call me, but today e jus waka come sote e come meet my wife, sote di two both of dem come dey do meeting.

My phone ring again, na Sikiratu. I cut am. Wetin sef?

Wen I manage reach house, I dey expect Bose to begin quarrel me. Instead, e serve me special food wey e don cook. Olorun Oba o!

As I dey eat di food sef, di ting dey hang me for throat, e no gree go down well as I no know what next.

I come ask Bose wia Bisi and Funke - our two woman pikin dem – dey. E say dem go dia aunty place for di next street, say dem go soon come back.

Na wen I don chop finish, drink water and wash my hand, na im my wife begin tell me waiting im and Sikiratu discus for garage.

E first tell me say dat girl na very nice girl. I do like say I no know who e talk about. I ask am which girl. Bose say “Dat girl nah. I mean Bose, my name sake wey we siddon togeder dey discus for una garage today before you go drop your passenger for Mushin come back”.

I say, “I see… you sabi di Bose before?”

Bose say, “Na for dat una garage I meet am as I come today. Di girl tell me say e dey go school for College of Education. E say im name na Bose, na im make I come like am well well as e dey answer my name.”

I say, “I see…”

Bose continue: “E say one man wey dey America wan come marry am next week, na im make somebody direct am make e come meet Oga MAT for una garage to ask you how much you go charge am to charter your guonguoro. Di girl say na for Shomolu dem wan do di marry.

“I tell di girl say na me be Oga MAT wife and my name too na Bose. Di girl come jump for my body. E say make I helep am discus di matter with you wen you come back house so dat you no go charge am too much.”

As I dey listen to my wife, laugh nearly burst my belle. I come talk am for my mind say, so dis buka girl don become original 419! See as e scam my wife.

Sikiratu na real Yahoo Girl, I swear!

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.



Source: News Express

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