Politics of prolonged looting, subversion of people’s will, By Meduoye Adeyinka

Posted by News Express | 14 September 2019 | 1,383 times

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•Meduoye Adeyinka

There is no general acceptability in their governmental and administrative proceedings, as being designed and mapped out in their closet. Their body of knowledge and one-sided practices are unrealistic and, thus, causing gory experiences within the hemisphere of our porous societies, and belittling the standard of living, hence taking the nation to clinch the top-spot of the notorious and ill-faded “poverty” league. They failed to understand that their policies aren’t applicable to majority, of the supposed government projects most of the time, and that there is no widespread consensus about their value and usefulness.

The politricks designed, outlined, exhibited and played from the privy of the upper-room, as being orchestrated and championed underneath by the faceless cabals, are the banes, inducing agonies of unfettered policies in the nation’s polity against the mere wishes of the people. They subjected the organogram of the constitutional system to their whims and caprices, which isn’t favourably to the masses, as it is sidelined and captured to the corridor of the unrepentant cabals and their stooges. Their delusional minds are soaked in the bath-tub of self-centredness while they have no compassion for the people like a sandpiper will have for a cat. The nation’s democratic vault had been constructed to short-change the demonstrations of the dividends of our struggling democracy to the widespread populace.

Before now, patriotic and concerned Nigerians are keen for a political actor with political and unbiased admiration for polity and policy characterisation, and the escalation of democratic dispensations – all enclosed in the cuddling for public expectations. But the sardonic happenings of the now have pragmatically showed that the hope of unfolding the era of epoch, with the aim of smoking out the leadership illness against the wishful-thinking of the cabals, and revamping the electoral relevance from the shackles of probable annihilation, are being dashed against the wall of unending sentiments and parochialism.

In a country where respect for the rudiments of fundamental human rights is out rightly low, I see patriotism, which is requisite as a core attribute in every individual, as an objective feature within the masses following a flurry of policies, with a dubious objection of hate-speech, just to put the populace at bay. Show me a patriotic fellow, and they will pitch up a tamed voice.

Truth be told, Nigerians are supporting the conspicuous criminality of the now. The media space is intensely on the boil. These marauders parading themselves as political leaders never cease to keep creating political fissures on the scripts of the nation’s constitutional facilities. Some blokes are even paid handsomely to sit behind a numeric keyboard, with an intention to continue to beat into our ears, against the reality of what we actually feel and think.

Nigerians ought to understand that the sound of the beating drum doesn’t synchronise with the dancing steps of these political actors. They stick out their pot-bellies, saying “we shall continue to paddle and navigate the nation’s political ship.” This is Nigeria where there are strong pointers that those phony political jobbers with penchant for creating the aura of disorderliness are deemed to plunge the nation into perpetual ruin again. What a country!

 These political jobbers and marauders kept preaching aloud “ours is not an advanced democracy.” But we consistently fail to improve on the gains of the last few years, to advance democratic norms and values. The coherent shrugging off of the guiding principle of the land; the throwing of deaf ears to the wails of the bereaved; the feigning of ignorance to the rule of law; the subversion of the people’s will; the consistent carpeting of looting spree; deliberate subjection of the custodian of our renascent democracy – are cankerworms folded with prolonged corrupt institutional practices, digging deep into the nation’s democratic fabric.

 The gavel is staggering and stuttering – crying and searching for relevance and stability respectively. The “February 23rd Election Petition Tribunal” is fast approaching its threshold, in which hearings are prematurely adjourned and disbanded, even during witness call and confessions. They threw their hats of negotiation on a round-table talk, with those allegedly responsible for the flurries of unrest, chaos, and deleting of stubborn souls within the length and breadth of our communities. In their word, national security should be considered above the rule of law. Yet, there are killings, kidnappings, and display of trophies of deaths on national screen.

 While protest is deeply enshrined and boldly pronounced in that product of political arrangement called the Constitution – which is supposed to be an academic model and a guiding principle of the land – it is requisite and normal to voice out against the wrong policies of the day, being outlined by the government of the night. In saner climes, if we destroy government property and consider such an act of protest, it is a sham and wishful thought against humanity. The doings and demonstrations of such, if any, are placed under the microscope of evidence and facts, since the law isn’t about emotional outbursts, pathetic faces, and shedding of liquid fluids down the nostrils.

 The saga of romance emanating and erupting from the Upper-Room can’t be sidelined and boxed to a corner. There is a fledgling culture of intolerance that may be gripping the country, as the arrest of Mr. Sowore is uncalled for by the ‘S’ men – standing in-between the “D’ and ‘S” points – who aren’t putting on a smile. In a snap, they shall smoke you out and whisk you away like a little drenched puppy, as being directed from the privy of the upper cliff. Nigerians demand his release, unless he is being arrested and cuffed for an unprecedented crime.

As today’s cloud speedily looms over tomorrow's mountain, Nigeria shall experience a drastic change, sooner or later, like the wind of hurricanes rushing towards our corridors. We dwell in a sapped society.

•Adeyinka writes from Lagos and can be reached via yinkopet@gmail.com

Source: News Express

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