No be only Prof, na VC

Posted by News Express | 13 September 2019 | 1,197 times

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If you be taxi driver for Lagos, and you no sabi someting, na im be say lai lai you no go sabi anyting again.

Na for Lagos all di orisirisi tings dey happen. And na we taxi driver dey see all becos we dey for road 24/7.

Na im make wen I dey hear people talk say dem be Prof, I jus dey wonder who suppose to be Prof. Prof suppose to be person wey sabi everyting, no be only book.

If Lagos taxi driver no be Prof, na who go come be? Me sef na Prof, weda or wedan’t you like am.

Di order day I go drop passenger for Festac Town. As I dey come back, I say make I take Mile 2/Oshodi.

I don pass Ilasamaja bus stop small wen one Baba like dat stop me. If you see dis man, eehn, e resemble junior broder of Broder Moses.

Na so im white bie bie long reach im knee, and e carry one fat book wey be like “Seven Books of Moses” for one hand, and one long iron rod for di order hand. Im clothe nko? If you sabi Broder Moses clothe, you don see dis man be dat.

Wen I match break for am, di Baba say make I carry am for drop go Sango Ota. I tell am say sebi im sabi say dat one don pass Lagos enter for Ogun State o. E say im know. I tell am my price, e gree. I tell am make e enter.

As we wan pass Toyota bus stop, to go up and enter Airport Road, na im Baba begin see vision for me.

I ask am which one be im church, e say no be only church e get. E say e dey see every ting – weda na Christian way o, Muslim way o, or even Ifa way – im dey all. E say im own na gbogbo ni se, like Conquer Mixture. And na for India e study im own, na im make e sabi everyting. E say Lucifer sef dey fear am.

E ask me my name, I tell am say my name na Dele.

E close im eye, shake im head like say di head wan cut off, and begin speak in tongue.

E shout, “Yes, yes, yes. Go on master. I dey hear you clearly master. Ah, ah, ah! O yes master! I hear you master!”

Wen e open im eye, e look my face and say, “Dele I see danger!  Your only child, your son, is a possessed child. He has put you in trouble many times before. The next trouble that is coming may take your life. You need special prayers!”

My only pikin, man pikin? I talk am for my mind say today na today.

I tell am say tank you Baba. Na im di Baba shout for my head. E say make I no ever call am Baba again if I no wan bad ting happen as we dey go so. E say make I call am Prof. I tell am sorry Prof, I no go make di mistake again.

By dis time we don reach Ikeja, pass Iyana Ipaja overhead bridge, begin go Abule Egba to face Sango Ota.

Prof close im eye begin speak in tongue again.

Wen e open eye, e say why I marry three wife? E say two of my wife dey go do juju to take kill me. E say if I no do someting quick, quick, I go suffer sote I go sell dis my guonguoro, from dia everyting go dabaru.

I ask am wetin I go do to stop my wicked wife dem nah. Prof say make I no worry, say na im god arrange make di two both of us meet today so dat all my troublem will be over. I tell am tank you Prof.

I ask am but wetin gan gan I go do make im god take all my wahala away? Prof say wen we reach Sango Ota, I go follow am enter im temple, and anyting wey im god say make I do, na im I go do. E ask me weda my ATM card dey with me, I say yes.

As we reach Ota, e say make I drive enter one compound for one street like dat. As I stop for di compound, na im e wan open door come down. I just hold im long bie bie. Di man shock.

I tell am if e no pay me my money before e come down, di ting wey I go do am, e go sabi say I be original Prof for Lagos road, no be fake Prof like am.

E say why I dey talk like dat, weda I no wan enter im temple again. I say no be only temple, na altar. I off my guonguoro engine, come down. As I bring out my chinko torch light phone to make call, na dat time Prof see say I be bad market for am. Quick, quick, e bring my money out and pay me.

E come talk say, “Bros, take am easy nah. So person no go play with you again?”

I no jus mind am. I enter my guonguoro and begin go back to our garage wey dey for near Ikeja under bridge.

Di hole world sabi say na only one wife, Bose I marry and Bose born for me two woman pikin – Bisi and Funke.

So me and dat Baba oshi, na who come be di original Prof?  Prof ko, VC ni.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much again.

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