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Posted by News Express | 6 August 2019 | 2,022 times

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Dis our taxi driver work for Lagos don come get as e be now.

Since wen I run comot for my village Ogbomosho becos of Arike wey talk say na me give am belle, come Lagos come learn mecho work, after dat I come begin drive dis my guonguoro, dis our work no dey as e dey now.

Everyday na orisirisi transport dey come out for Lagos.  Na BRT and Lagbus first show face. Small time dem bring Uber and Taxify.

Later, dem come bring di senior broda of Okada wey dem dey call Gokada.  Di new one now na Opay. And all of dem dey target di same passenger dem wey don be our customer tipe tipe o. Tori Olorun!

Now, na so man go just siddon for garage from morning till night, no market. Di day you jam lucky see one passenger carry, you go go do tanksgiving for church or mosque or shrine, according to wetin you dey follow.

See like yesterday wen I reach house for night, my wife Bose tell me say food don finish for house. I ask am how manage, e ask me wetin be how manage.

I say why food go jus finish like dat wen e never tay wen I give am food money. Bose ask me how much I give am sef. E say di chechere money wey I give am since last month, if no be say e dey try to manage am make e reach small, hungry for don finish us for dat house since.

I ask Bose say, so na di 15k wey I give am make e use for two month, na im e call chechere money? I ask am weda e no see as dis our contry be now.

Bose say weda I no dey shame. E say make I go for NTA network go tell di hole world say I dey give my wife 15k to take keep house for two month – house of 4 people – Mama, Papa and two pikin.  Orisirisi visitor dem wey dey come every day do dey dia o.

I tell my wife say make e try understand say tings no be like before. I tell am say to see one passenger sef carry for one day, na war, say nobody dey like enter dis our yellow taxi again.

Bose ask me weda dem take juju do me say make I no fit drop dis my guonguoro do anoder ting. E say weda no be man dem like me dey drive Uber and Taxify. E ask me weda I too young or too old to follow order people drive Uber or Taxify.

I tell Bose say no be say I no fit follow dem drive Uber or Taxify, but wia I go see money take do am nah. I tell am say na money make I still dey drive dis my guonguoro since even before we born our two woman pikin dem – Bisi and Funke – wey don dey prepare to enter university so.

My wife tell me say na im good for me. E say sebi di order time im wan go do oyibo work for nite club but I no gree, I talk say na ashewo work be dat.

E say to say I allow am do di oyibo work since dat  last year, by now e for don dey support me, and e for don even buy new motor for me to take do Uber or Taxify.

Since yesterday wey Bose tell me dis ting, I don dey talk am for my mind say weda or wedan’t  make I   allow my wife go do dat oyibo work for nite club. In short, I confuse.

Abeg make una tell me wetin I go do.

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

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