Army’s culpability during elections indefensible, by Lovina Iburene

Posted by News Express | 23 June 2019 | 833 times

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•Missionary Lovina Iburene

The very nauseating and criminal role played by the Army in the recently-concluded presidential, governorship and state assembly elections in Nigeria, must be stopped, if we have to move forward as a nation.

We are not in a military regime. Why then must the government of the day militarise our elections and all? What does the military have to do with elections? Why is the All Progressives Congress (APC) afraid? Are the people not having the right to vote for those they need? Why the desperation on their part? Unfortunately, the military has taken over the system. This is not democracy: We are in a military rule.

The presidential election result did not reflect the desire of the general populace. It was correct rigging. Manipulations at its highest! The APC-led administration deliberately deployed the military to assist them keep their nauseating stay in power. This ugly incident is played out in all the states of the federation. Lots of people have sad tales to give.

With all the atrocities going on in high places in Nigeria; and what the soldiers are doing, particularly what they did in Port Harcourt: invading the INEC office and shooting indiscriminately; a man was shot on the leg for no reason at all, people arrested and taken to the military barracks, some people killed, many wounded. They were fulfilling the script written by their godfathers who have thrown democracy into the waste basket. There is something these evil souls forget; they have forgotten that a day will come when their stolen money and crazy power show will come to an end. Eccl 12:12-13 says that God will judge all men, bringing every secret thing into the open.

Nigerians have to stand up for their rights! Let them get up and say no to anything that will bring them down as a nation. The invasion of Nnamdi Kanu’s home, the shooting and killings in the various states, religious discrimination, segregation, tribalism, blood-letting. All these must stop!  Even the Shiitte’s case where about 500 were shot at the order of the Army Chief of Staff, Lt-Gen Tukur Burutai (a shameful global issue) are still fresh in our memory, including other satanic acts of blood-shedding and bribery and corruption perpetrated over the length and breadth of Nigeria. That invasion is evil-motivated and must be kicked against by all and sundry.

Orders in the military normally “come from above”, so the lies by the army saying the men are not soldiers must be shunned. The Army Chief of Staff cannot say he never had a hand in it (the Rivers State issue). The world is watching the national disgrace. We are not in a military regime, for God’s sake. The families of those killed must be compensated immediately. This insanity must stop!

It is a shame that our military has been bought over by President Buhari’s administration and a Vice-President (Mr Follow-Follow) who out of fear and foolishness watches things going wrong and keeps mute. Gal 6 verse 7: “God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows he reaps.” Earlier, in chapter 5: 19-21, the Bible says: …selfish ambition, factions, lies, etc., God does not give the spirit of foolishness…” All these the Vice-President is guilty of; and he and his likes should read the story of Ananias and Saphira…, who died for conspiring to deceive God, just as Buhari and Osibanjo are doing (Acts 5:1-11). No one can escape God’s anger, if such persons take God for granted.

The INEC is not independent, not transparent, not reliable in all its ways. And, it is most unfortunate! The Nigeria military is highly corrupt, and they are being used by the powers-that-be to force in the candidates of their choice. Nigerian Army is not saying the truth. Even kids are aware they are telling lies. How can thugs invade the INEC office, force out Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members, carry many people to the military base by INEC office to be detained? What type of strange story is that? Austin Okai, the PDP spokesman in Kogi State was arrested by operatives of the Department of State Service (DSS) on the evening of the presidential elections. Till date, no one has seen or heard from him. The DSS should either take him to court or release him with immediate effect. This, indeed, is a kangaroo nation.

The Rivers people and, indeed, lots of Nigerians are being threatened, man handled, killed and maimed by the Nigeria military, almost every day. It is a very sad development. The media should be more sincere and learn to investigate issues properly, without taking sides. I trust most of them, anyway.

Whether we believe it or not, heaven and hell are real. How can people act wickedly and think they will not be judged by God? Will they not die and go back to God? Will they live forever? Satan is deceiving them. That is it! Naaman, a top military officer came and bowed to God when he realised that power and money could get him nowhere. I pray that our military men would bow to Christ and repent from corruption and blood-shedding. A word is enough!

I believe God would arise and extinguish the enemies of peace in Nigeria. It is only a question of time.

The enemies of God would be frustrated and every satanic agenda would backfire on the heads of Satan and his agents in the mighty name of Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Amen.


Missionary Lovina Iburene is of The truth Ministry of Christ, bringing the truth that frees, Lagos, Nigeria (Global public and online ministries) bringing the true Word of God to a dying universe. Contact: 08066350994, 09091826948.



Source: News Express

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