Perfection of beauty, By Esther Chizaram Ngele

Posted by Esther Chizaram Ngele | 22 April 2019 | 2,213 times

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•Esther Chizaram Ngele

  Wisdom is learning not to make the wrong enemy for yourself. It takes a great level of understanding of life not to go after the wrong person; and even a deeper insight in selecting your enemies. This is one of the rules of life.

The perfection of beauty is in dissociating all conflicting emotions and embracing the inner peace that comes with a sober reflection. That is, appreciation of life even in moments of uncertainties. The triggers, patterns and parcels of life: The one-way traffic towards extinction from the greater world unknown to us in this life. Some of us are privileged to have received, though with not so much excitement, strokes of insight from clear intuitive powers. These are the powers behind us. They tell us things to come by way of an impulse, dreams, meditation and intuition.

Those who are yet to receive this stroke of light, dismiss such knowledge by terming them the reserves locked away in the subconscious from the mere thoughts of the day. How hilarious? The power of knowledge can never be “mere!”

This is why they cannot understand it, because its free-giving nature has already been blocked by the power of choice. The choice to accept or reject!

The perfection of beauty is divine! It’s in the form as well as features of life. Her silhouette is beyond the pleasantness of the eyes. It comes with grace, and strong will of character.

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee! Blessed are thou among men and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.”

Before you hail Mary in this ugly situation you created and playing a victim in, you should have understood the principles behind the life of “our mother of perpetual help.” You dug this pit for yourself when you failed to sieve your emotions from within, before your twitting beak of mouth flew round with tales of why you just “hate her.” Now, how do you face her with your application. “Oh Lord, she’s sitting on your matter in all her glory literally!” The voice said.

This was Eweta Welukwa’s dilemma as she carried her old peeling bag hanging on her shoulder like the weight of the world was on her. Now, the unforeseen has come upon her. If only her circle of vultures knew she’s about to face the very girl she disrespected and spoke trash about. She never believed in karma, but now it’s not a question of belief as it has hit her hard in the face; the face which has never had a fair chance to evolve. Fine wine gets better with age. But here, she stands with her caked-up face looking ridiculous. She could have passed as a Halloween costume, as the colours on her face were all saying different things at the same time. What a blush!

She stared long and hard at the reflection of herself in the mirror in regret, as the voice in her head kept reading the script of her life to her. Life has been unfair to her! But she was never fair, either.

On sighting her as she walked into the room with her head bowed, Ujunwa stood and walked up to her and gave her a hug. Instantly, she starts sobbing! After consoling and reassuring her, Ujunwa commenced the interview.

She understood the principle of life, the beauty in waiting it out, so there was no need to seek revenge. Now I understand this cogent principles of life; this is why I walk with full caution for we all walk on different paths on different assignments. And, yes, the influence on each of us is quite unique. Ujunwa thought with a smile.

Hate is a cankerworm that must be cut off. Actually, I feel a deep sense of pity on hateful people, because I wonder how they live through life with such a heavy weight and burden which constantly drag them down. This is like pouring in sand into your own grave and hoping to live. Hate is an estoppel on growth! It hinders the mind from learning and the individual from increasing. It functions as a magnet, but only to glue the hateful to the next myopic mind alike. Most times they – people you hate – are the ones you could learn from.

This is because, pure gold do not magnet! These are the things Eweta Welukwa should have known or even learnt before exhibiting her inferiority complex around Ujunwa. But she preferred her dumb excuse of “I don’t just like her!” This is the very reason neither her ‘is nor was’ can live apart; nor her constant mantra “I swear”, which keeps conflicting with every attempt she makes at communication. Common sense must be a holy grail for her. For what she lacks in grace she makes up for in loudness.

Never banter words with a fool, for life comes with twists and turns. A fool’s path is glorious before his eyes, but he keeps turning within the same circumference.

The perfection of beauty is in learning not to play your last card before time, and not burning the bridge because of the instant pressure and the unease you feel. It's in calling a spade a spade boldly, but also knowing when to form the right ally. Differentiate when you need comrades and not buddies, to achieve a desired goal. It is banking for a perfectly assured future: for no man is self-sufficing. Never forget to accord respect to whom it is due!

•Esther Chizaram Ngele, a Law Student, writes from Enugu and can be reached via

Source: News Express

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