Jibril is Buhari’s look-alike, not his clone — Kanu

Posted by Chukwujekwu Ilozue | 10 December 2018 | 3,102 times

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•Nnamdi Kanu

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has said that Jibril Buhari it is talking about is “not a case of a ‘cloned Buhari’ but a ‘body-doubled’ Buhari, a Buhari look-alike impersonating the real Buhari”.

The media and publicity secretary of the group, Comrade Emma Powerful, clarified this in a press statement he issued on Sunday on their leader Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast of December 7, 2018.

Powerful said the whole issue of cloning was introduced by the Federal Government as a way of confusing the people adding: “Simply put, a clone is a biological process totally different from one person passing off as another.

It said the clarification became necessary because the government is intent on introducing the clone’ dimension in order to further mislead the public.

It said: “What is playing out before Nigerians are, a body-double or a look-alike impersonator, in this case, a political decoy; a person employed to impersonate a politician, in order to temporarily draw attention away from the real person (if he’s alive) or to pass-off as the real person (if he’s dead)”.

“The standard qualification to becoming a successful body double or impersonator is a close resemblance to the person being impersonated.

” In other words, the political decoy is an individual who has been selected because of strong physical resemblance to the person being impersonated. This resemblance can be strengthened by plastic surgery.

“Often, such decoys are also trained to speak and behave like the person being impersonated. It has happened before in history, most notably with Josef Stalin of defunct Soviet Union and Adolf Hitler of Germany. There were many others, especially during the Second World War and the subsequent Cold War, when it was very rampant with spies and espionage”.

It said that in this very case of late “Buhari,” “Jibril is NOT a biological clone but a body-double, another human being, an impersonator from Sudan, who resembles Buhari, then underwent a few plastic surgeries to make the resemblance closer and got coached to speak and act like the real Buhari”.

It claimed that government never reckoned that there are no two individuals that look exactly alike, except for identical twins, even so to a less than an absolute degree.

“So, even as Mr Jibril looks like late Buhari and did some few fixes to enhance the resemblance, there are still a few give-always that, to a discerning eye, differentiated the two men”.

It said the first of such give-aways was that “Buhari was about 75 years when he assumed the presidency in 2015 and Buhari looked very much his age, and appeared noticeably frail shriveled due to the ravaging ailments that eventually saw to his demise.

“On the other hand, Jibril is about 50 years old and it shows in his gait, his vibrancy, and the smoother tone of his face and skin. There are also the slight difference earlobes between the two men.

“Second, Buhari had noticeably receding hairline on the front crown and the rest of what was left of his hair was brittle; and then towards the tail end of his life, the hair became very scanty and snow white.

“All these can be verified from his photographs taken during the electioneering campaigns, at the time he was sworn and during his long illness. This contrasts sharply with Mr Jibril, who appears to have fuller mane of hair, much darker hairlines, and now permanently spots a cap that he has refused to remove despite repeatedly being dared to do so”, the statement noted.

•Sourced from a Daily Independent report


Source: News Express

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