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Posted by News Express | 7 December 2018 | 2,668 times

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As we ask who dey knock for door, instead make di person talk, e come knock pom, pom, pom  again. Na so me and Bose quick, quick pack all di money comot for parlour, rush enter room. I rush come out for parlour again, I tell Bisi and Funke to go meet dia mama for room.

I take style open di door one time, come see as Baba Braimoh tanda for door with im goatie bie bie. Di next ting, e put forward im hand and say, "pay me my money!" Di way e take shout am sef, people go tink say weda e get wetin I buy for im hand wey I no pay. Dem no go know say na only one month house rent o. And e don tell me tele tele say, if I no pay am before night dat very day , e go give me quit notice next day.

Na im I laugh, lef am for door enter room. I come out again, open di door and hand over money to Baba Braimoh. I tell am make e count am. Come see as di old man open mouth, e say im money na only N6,000 for di room and parlour nah. I tell am say make e count di money first. Come see as im hand dey shake wen e dey count di money. E count am reach four time sef, and na so I just tanda dey look dat im monkey face.

Na im e come tell me say di money wey I give am na N36, 000. I say good, dat I don pay am six month house rent be dat. Come see as Baba Braimoh dobale tank me. E just dey say tank you sir, tank you sir. Hmm,  see Baba Braimoh dey call me sir o. Who say money no sweet to get?

Na so I kukuma settle my family - I give Bose my wife enough money for di special food, I give my two pikin dem,  Bisi and Funke, di N50, 000 for dia JAMB and GCE.  As me and dia mama no sabi book, I wan make my pikin dem read all di book wey dey for dis world. In short,  dat cinema money go far well well.

Di next day, I no wait make 7 o'clock a.m nack sef, I don reach Oga producer office for Surulere. Come see all di people wey we dey see for television! Oga producer come carry me go meet Oga director. Oga director tell me everyting wey I go do wen we start. E say one bobo and one sisi go take me for drop. Dem go siddon for back seat. E say my own na just to drive my guonguoro dey go as taxi driver, make I no mind wetin dem dey do. E say camera go follow me and I no go stop till I hear am shout, "C-U-T!!! " I tell am say I understand everyting wey e tell me.

Show don start be dat o.  But di ting be say wen di bobo and sisi enter, I move, den come take style look for sight mirror. If you see wetin dis two people dey do for back seat, my broda, blood go dry for your body. I come talk am for my mind say dis dia cinema work na real ashewo work. And cameraman dey record dem o. Na which one be my own? After all my own na to drive, and dem don already pay me better money(200k), and upon dat, I still get 100k to collect after di show.

As we dey go small small, I come take style look di mirror again, I see say di sisi be like person wey I sabi. I look again well well. Na Funke I dey carry with di bobo for back seat. Ewo! My pikin? Olorun Oba o!

(To be continued)

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very very much indeed.

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