Yeye Orange

Posted by News Express | 6 November 2018 | 3,448 times

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My broda, desperado plenty for dis our obodo contry no be small. E be like say some sisi dem, especially di ones for Lagos, just dey lay ambush for one corner dey wait any bobo wey don make small coins, or wey tings don better for am small.

See me o,  just becos I talk one small secret the order day for dis my small corner, say Oga Sunny Okim don promise to change my guonguoro for me, come see as Lagos sisi dem come full our taxi park for near under bridge for Ikeja. Tori Olorun!

I go drop one passenger like dat for Ikoyi dat very Friday afternoon. As I dey come back, I carry like two different drop for road. God do well say di last passenger say na Ikeja Council office e dey go. Una kukuma sabi say di council office near our garage well well.

I drop dat passenger for council around 2pm O’clock in di afternoon, begin dey go garage to rest small. Before I drive cross under bridge, enter di park, Idowu, our Union Treasurer meet me for road. E say make I no enter garage, say sisi dem full everywia dey wait for me.

I tell Idowu make e comot for road make I pass. I tink say na one of dose yeye joke, after all dis na November, no be April Fool we dey. My broda, as I just enter garage, march break fiaam, na so four sisi dem like dat just rush me. Olorun Oba o! One of dem wear one kind wicked mini skirt like dat. E remain small make di second sisi no wear anyting for top at all at all.

Di sisi just allow im paw paw to dey dance Shaku Shaku for im chest. And di ting stand paparapa like Standard Bank. If you look di paw paw, e go be like say e want enter your eye. My broda, make I talk true and shame di devil, when I look di ting ti ti ti, I swallow one kind heavy saliva like dat.

My temperature just rise fiaam. But sha, I take style control my body make I no come enter troublem. Di order two sisi no just carry better for chest. Front view na zero, side view nko?  Dat one name yawa. Di boys quarter sef no just enter chart.

All of dem come talk say, so na me be Oga MAT? I say by di grace of God. Dem say anytime wey dem look my photo for paper, dia body go just dey sweet dem like say na Tinubu dem see. Dem say me and Tinubu resemble well well and we fine no be small. But dat na Baba Iyabo fine pass di two both of us. I say tank you. Di next ting wey dem tell me na congrats. I say congrats for what? Dem say for my new car. Na dat time I come know dia mission. Dem be slay queen.

I come tell dem say make dem coolu temper, say wen di new car land, we go wash am. Na so I take style discharge dem o.

But one of dem come gum me for body like aradite. E no gree go. Di sisi ready to work with me troughout dat Friday even till Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today.  And e come be say na one of di yawa ones. Chaaaiii! I come talk am for my mind say wetin I want take dis yeye orange do?

Na so I tell am make e wait for me, say I want rush go buy petrol for Conoil petrol station for Ikeja roundabout. I buy can Malt for am, take pin am down.

Since dat Friday, I no near garage again. I hear say na so so sisi dem dey full for dia, to congra . . . cong . . . cong . . . Abeg make I no come bite my tongue.

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you. 

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed

Source: News Express

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