Leah Sharibu Courage Award announced, late US Senator McCain amongst nominees

Posted by News Express | 12 October 2018 | 1,822 times

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•Boko haram captive Leah Sharibu

The US NIGERIA LAW GROUP today announced the introduction of a Voices of Indomitable Courage Award “eponymous with the heroine captive schoolgirl Leah Sharibu”. The group in a statement to mark the 20198 International Day of the Girl said that “15-year-old Leah Sharibu, who has been held hostage for 234 days today, is named the International Girl of the Year 2018” for the following reasons:

- while others fled a terror attack on her school, Leah refused to abandon her sick classmate whom she was tending to and was consequently captured

- surrounded by armed terrorist killers in an evil forest island, Leah refused to renounce her Christian faith

- Even though she knew as a Christian she was at greater risk, Leah led two of her Muslim classmates in a daring escape from the terrorist enclave that lasted 3 days until she was betrayed by Herdsmen and returned to her Boko Haram captors

- Due to her refusal to convert to Islam Leah was separated from her classmates and kept with hostage aid workers one of whom was subsequently executed

- she was offered an opportunity to leave the terror island along with her Muslim classmates if she renounced her faith but Leah declined

- she was asked to make a proof of life plea for herself but Leah went ahead to ask the world to look after her family

- Leah is a star student academically and a talented individual who acted in plays and choreography for the benefit of her Dapchi community

- Today Leah has touched the world with her tenacity, principle and courage that defied the worst evil on the planet

- Leah achieved all this at age 14 and only turned 15 in the terrorist’s enclave

According to the group in a statement issued in Washington DC and signed by Managing Partner Emmanuel Ogebe, “For these and more reasons, Leah Sharibu is declared the International Girl of 2018!


“The L.E.A.H INDOMITABLE COURAGE award goes to individuals who have shown LEGENDARY & EXEMPLARY ACTS OF HEROISM at great personal risk or price against overwhelming odds. Simple acts of defiance, speaking truth to power, self-denial or going against popular opinion are amongst the kinds of acts recognised by this award. The inaugural award has the following nominees:

“Late US Senator John McCain is nominated for his principled outspokenness and his willingness to be impolitic for the sake of truth. Like Leah, Senator Mccain refused early release from prison captivity on principle. More recently he flew from hospital to the congress to cast a crucial vote while calling out his colleagues.

“US Senator Flake also Republican from Arizona like Sen. McCain showed incredible courage when he spoke truth to power and to the nation in announcing his pending resignation despite being part of the ruling party. More recently, Sen Flake took a stand for an investigation into the allegations against Supreme Court nominee, Judge Kavanaugh, in a move that was necessary and timely.

“Nigerian Congresswoman Representative Boma Goodhead reportedly has been arrested by high-handed security forces in her ravaged oil-producing Niger Delta communities before she was in the National Assembly. More recently, she stared down the barrels of guns by masked secret police operatives who besieged and blockaded the national Legislature’s offices. “During the illegal invasion, Rep Goodhead in a Tianenman Square moment dared the gunmen to shoot her. The head of State Security was fired that day, following this attempted Legislative coup by a cabal within the presidency, restoring sanity in a beleaguered nation.

“Chadian Minister for Postal Services Mdm Madeline Alinguie made waves when during her swearing in as minister she chose to swear in the name of “God.” After being remonstrated twice by the head of the Supreme Court to only swear by the name of “Allah”, Madam Alinguie chose rather to step down from her cabinet position than to do so. Ultimately a decision was made to allow Alinguie, a Christian, not to swear an Islamic oath.”

Source: News Express

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