2019: Trump’s comment and Buhari’s second term bid

Posted by News Express | 2 September 2018 | 13,603 times

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•Presidents Trump and Buhari

President Donald Trump of United States of America (USA) reportedly told his aides that he would not like to meet someone as ‘lifeless’ as Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s President, again. His remarks, reported by BBC, quoting Financial Times, came after President Buhari’s visit to the White House earlier this year.

When Buhari and Trump met at the White House on April 30, 2018, both leaders discussed issues bordering on fight against terrorism and economic growth. However, Trumps’ statement has attracted the interest of Nigerians, especially the political elite. When Trump’s scathing remark hit the new wave, it made headlines and generated a lot of interests, especially in Nigeria.

Since Nigeria is gearing up towards the 2019 general elections, what does Trump’s comment on President Buhari indicate, especially as he has indicated interest to go for second term, and will most likely flag the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential flag?

Trump’s Comment Will Not Stop Buhari From Contesting – Activist

Mimi Ate, an activist, described the comments of the US President as on point. “Buhari is lifeless on all levels so, that is a no-brainer even for us”. That Trump said it is not in doubt and it is totally within his character”. On the effect of the comment and Buhari’s chances, if he takes another shot at Presidency for a second term, I will say that it will be no consequence to him. For someone like Buhari, Trump’s comment will rather embolden him.

“Buhari’s mind is made of steel. He has a tenacious determination to remain in power. He is drunk and giddy on it. The attacks enrage him enough to damn everything to get at power. How we deal with it as a people is more important than how he does. The race against him grows daily and so does his rabid desire to hang on. Even though we have cornered the sewer rat, we must put into consideration how deadly a cornered animal is.

“Bulls eye concentration is needed to defeat him. We have a battle in our hands. The conventional way is not going to do it. There is need to be worried even as we know he is dead meat where the minds of the average Nigerian is. Anything more is belle face politics of self-centeredness and unholy cronyism. Meanwhile, the same Buhari is not fooled.”

Trump’s Comment Will Have No Effect On Buhari’s Re-Election – Architect

Dr. Philip Agbonze Ederhoro, a Benin-based architect, said: “If it is true that the US President made such comment about our President, I will describe it an insult on all Nigerians. It is not the business of President Trump of the United States of America to tell us that our President is lively or lifeless. It goes to show the type of character Trump is. He has no respect for himself let alone another person. I have always seen him as a flippant person who has no regard for anybody. Despite the fact that he is the President of the most powerful nation in the world, I don’t see him as a serious human being.

“On what the comment indicate on the President Buhari’s second term bid, l will say none. Trump is not Buhari’s medical doctor who will inform Nigerians that their president is lively or lifeless. President Buhari is a Nigerian and not an American, who does not require medical certificate or permission from President Trump to run for an election.”

Trump Said The Obvious About Buhari – Rights Lawyer

Adebiyi Adegbenle, a human rights lawyer, has admonished Nigerians against reading negative sentiment to comment passed by the United States of America’s President, Trump on President Muhammadu Buhari, alleging being lifeless.

Adegbenle, while reacting to the comment, warned Nigerians, especially the political class, against reading political undertone to the comment. He said that Trump’s comment is not derogatory as being claimed by section of Nigerians.

Adegbenle explained further that President Trump is saying the obvious, but, has been misinterpreted negatively by some Nigerians. What President Trump is trying to talk about is President Muhammadu Buhari’s age and health challenges he is facing.

“It is like saying somebody is not lively. It is like saying the age is telling on somebody. It is like saying age is not on such a person’s side and so on. It is not actually a derogatory statement against President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Mr. President has equally said something similar to that to himself when he said he became President of Nigeria when he is old, regretting that the job should have come when he was much younger and active.

“You could all remember that President Buhari contested for the position for about four or five times before winning the election that brought him to office in 2015. The fact is that President Buhari is not much active on the account of his age and health issue and anybody in that age bracket can do the same.

“Nigerians elected President Buhari into office at that appointed time. He has the constitutional right to seek re-election. Everybody is getting older by the day and there is nothing we can do about it.

Adegbenle noted that except for old age and health issue, there is nothing that is lacking in the current administration since the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, is very much active to do most of the jobs assigned to him by his boss.

“There is no way you can equate President Buhari to his Vice, Professor Osinbajo, who is much younger and lively. President Buhari was our choice by the time Nigerians elected him into the office. We should desist from relegating the office and passing unnecessary comments about his age and health.”

Excerpted from a Daily Independent report

Source: News Express

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