This Is Nigeria! A nation of contradictions, By Banjo Oluwatobiloba

Posted by News Express | 10 August 2018 | 1,272 times

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•A scene in Falz’s ‘This Is Nigeria’ video

Sometimes I wonder if it is blood that runs through the veins of some Nigerians (especially the politrickians that we refer to as leaders) or acid. I don't even think we have up to 20 per cent of politicians in this country that portray the quality of a good leader, because whenever I see things that are not in the order I always feel bad and wish I could help. But the so-called leaders have seen and heard lots of these things and they act as if nothing is wrong. It has got to a state where hazardous things happen and we've taken them as normal. This is the more reason why I reached the conclusion that our leaders are heartless: because they travel a lot and see how other countries are progressing, and they are not moved.

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli, cancelled Independence Day celebration because cholera killed about 60 people in three months, hmmm! Over the years, Nigeria has gone through trials and tribulations, hardship, etc., and nothing has been done. These challenges have frustrated some people to the extent that they despair life itself, leading them to take drugs, join the occult, or even commit suicide - 80 Nigerians committed suicide in 13 months, do you know why? - all in a bid to "escape" the reality of life's problem.

However, this is Nigeria where perpetrators of evil are celebrated/literarily get away. Nigeria is a country where they kill a man that stole a pot of stew because he was hungry due to the state of the country - he's jobless due to what our so-called politrickians caused - while politicians who embezzled billions of naira are asked to pay a token amount of money as fine, and free them. This is Nigeria where they accuse you of False Asset Declaration, and you summoned the judge. A country where your neighbour is attacked, you abandon him to his fate, because you were not affected, neglecting the fact that a time is coming when you'll need them. Remember, when one of us is threatened, we are all at risk. This is Nigeria, where Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) asks you to explain your role in some corruption allegations, you declare him not fit for office. A nation where the Electricity Company relies on generating set for light; Police chains their generating set and close by 6 pm because of security reasons: what a shame!

This is Nigeria where the so-called President called his youths lazy and uneducated and failed to realise that he's part of the cause of their laziness/joblessness when he refuses to create jobs and also denied them basic amenities. Those that were even working before he came into power were sacked because of the President’s inability to fulfill his campaign promise. The same President travelled, anyhow, for treatment and medical checkups, and never thought of building a standard hospital. In Nigeria, they impound your Range Rover for “fake duty documents;”and you summon the Customs boss, declare him unfit for office.

A lawless country where some set of people (herdsmen) attack and waste thousands of lives and the government refuses to declare them as a terrorist group. But when one of them was killed by some set of people, they were sentenced to death. When your colleague distances himself from your alleged atrocities, you suspend him. Another colleague distances himself from your anti-people resolutions, you suspended that one. A country turned to a zoo (governed by animals): Rats in Aso Rock, snakes and monkeys swallow money. A criminal accuses you of being their gang's godfather, you declare the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) enemy of democracy. Now, the President said he can't interfere in Police investigations, you are threatening him with impeachment: why now? There are situations where his impeachment was supposed to have been taking seriously before now, such as the case of abducted student Leah, and Miyetti Allah/ Herdsmen whom he was supposed to declare as terrorist groups but refused, due to the fact that he's also a Fulani man, etc.

A country where an entertainer releases a video which portrays the prevailing and general situations in Nigeria, and the video reflects the government’s ‘sluggish’ response to the missing Chibok Girls, the drug addiction epidemic among Nigerian youth, the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) extorting money from acclaimed Yahoo Boys, Internet fraud, crooked pastors, insecurity, Fulani herdsmen, corruption and even Big Brother Nigeria. And the video was applauded not only locally but also at the international level (P Diddy), BankyW also posted the video on his Instagram page on May 29 and tagged it: “No better way to mark democracy day.” Hardly had the video gone viral when an extremist and fanatic Muslim sect, named MURIC, began to criticise the video: their criticism was based on the use of Hijab, without considering the general message that the video portrays.Yet, the message behind the particular scene MURIC threatened to sue the artist about is very clear, because the girls in Hijab symbolises the constant issues and troubles that face the innocent girls in Nigeria, especially in the northern part. They have been victims of kidnapping (Chibok girls and, recently, the Dapchi girls). Till date, most of the Chibok girls have not been found and, Leah, the only Christian among the Dapchi girls, is still being held captive. On the other hand, the Hijab sisters’ dance steps sent a direct message: everyone is engrossed in the dance culture, Shaku Shaku, and too carried away with the entertainment that they seem to forget all the things that are happening in our country.

However, the MURIC is just a sect of biased fanatics; if they are not, they wouldn't have threatened to sue Falz, even though one knew, before they retracted, that it was just a threat that holds no water. If they do, they'll lose, because we all know they don't have a case or meaningful allegation. More so, why is it over the Hijab girls that danced Shaku Shaku that the sect threatened to sue Falz, if they are not biased.

Why can't they sue the Federal Government for not putting things in place? Why can't they also talk about the SARS issues, Boko Haram, herdsmen, Senate Mace theft, minimum wage, the inclusion of Arabic in Police test? The latter is very important because the last time I checked Nigeria was still a secular country.

At this juncture, I think MURIC deserves some accolade for promoting the video - I nominate the sect for “Best promoter of the year”, funny though - by increasing the numbers of viewers. No doubt, their threat must have led many to watch the video and, by so doing, the message has been fully passed on to our leaders. It's worthy of note that the sect has also made a backtracking/back-out of the threat to sue Falz, by saying “we're changing tactics.” But, why would such a sect do that in the first instance? Well, the answer is, this is Nigeria!

Nevertheless, according to Albert Schweitzer, “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

•Banjo Oluwatobiloba can be reached via; Twitter: @kay4talk;

Source: News Express

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