Oshiomhole under fire for telling poor widow to “go and die”

Posted by News Express | 29 November 2013 | 4,048 times

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Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State in Nigeria’s South-South is under heavy fire for telling a poor widow found eking out a living as a petty trader in one of the streets of the state capital, Benin City: “Go and die!”

Though a contrite Oshiomhole apologised yesterday while receiving a visiting delegation of the Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria in the Government House, Benin City, saying, ‘I regret my action’, most commentators are finding it difficult to forgive him. It has been a barrage of condemnations for the populist governor as the video of the confiscation, last week, of the widow’s wares at the Oba Ovonramwen Square, Benin City, started trending on the social networks yesterday. Below are some of the reactions by disappointed Nigerians:  

Gbenga X-adebija: Unbelievable!!!!! Did I hear Gov Oshiomole say “You are a widow, go and die!”? Where is the backlash from widow support groups? Women Empowerment Organizations? Religious organizations? Civil Rights Activists? Etc? No matter what this woman has done, it is inhuman to subject her to such degrading treatment.

Chiedu Uche Okoye: Adams Oshiomole. Do you remember Chima Ubani, his able colleague in the struggles? Didn’t the comrade governor betray the brilliant Chima post-humously? I see through Comrade Oshiomole’s pretensions. Carried away by feigned and bogus indignation in a moment of messianic exaltation, he told an old female street-side trader to go and die. Where is your empathy Governor Oshiomole? As Fani-Kayode dug his political grave with his garrulity, so is Oshiomole doing. His morbid and homicidal inclination is troubling. The other time he signed the paper for the execution of people who were on death row at a time the whole world is kicking against capital punishment.

Remi Onikepo Odukoya: Too bad for once am disappointed in Adams I believe he needs to pray to God for forgiveness.

Augustine Avwode: The Bible will always be right. .. “The wrath does not work out the righteousness of God.” IMPORT: Be careful what you say or do when you are angry.. It has been very long that anything has moved me to the point of tears. Boy, this one moved me far too close to tears. Well, happy he has apologized.

Churchill Umoren: I just saw the video where Adams Oshiomhole told a widow to go and die. I shed tears. Was so touching. Evil. Wicked. It reminds you of Hitler’s men when Jews begged as they were about to be herded into the gas chamber. Oshiomhole will rot in hell. The woman’s sin? Street trading. As she begged this monster, crying, on her kneels wailed “i beg o. make una help me. I be widow o”. Adams, arms akimbo, pointed at her and blurted “you are a widow, go and die.” He then ordered his reluctant goons (they were hesitant thinking oga will have mercy) to cart away her wares. Adams there is a curse on you courtesy the tears and pains of a widow. You will suffer for this. These are those who want to rule Nigeria. Did she create the system where street trading is an avenue 4 survival.

Julius Ogunro: My mother is a widow and I know how she struggled to make sure we have a chance of a better life. I am very sad to see Gov. Oshiomhole treat a widow very badly, telling her to go and die. True Religion is the love of the poor, orphans and widows.

Fidelis Duker: A heartless comrade. Even Satan will weep watching that view. Quoting your comrade governor: “He should go and die with his apology.”

Richard Akinnola: I just watched the video of the encounter between Governor Adams Oshiomhole and a widow who was asked to “go and die” by the Governor after confiscating her wares for indulging in street trading. Despicable. Please, can anyone in Benin help in locating the widow urgently? I need to see her urgently to give her some token to start a small business. Please, inbox me if you can get her.

Apology or no apology, whoever can locate the widow in Benin should let me know. Yes, Adams purports to offer an apology while responding to a group that paid him a courtesy call. That is a political apology, not heartfelt. If he really meant to apologise, he should be humble enough to look for the woman and apologise or direct his media aides to write a statement apologizing for this faux pas. I hitherto held Adams in high esteem but the man “don fall my hand” with this outburst. If we once criticised GEJ for saying “l don’t give a damn”, then Adams too must be lampooned for this ugly conduct, his political apology notwithstanding.

•Photo shows under-fire Governor Oshiomhole.

Source: News Express

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