Sports Minister BOLAJI ABDULLAHI UNDER FIRE for blasting Keshi over unpaid salary

Posted by News Express | 21 November 2013 | 4,975 times

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Sports Minister Bolaji Abdullahi unknowingly stepped on a live wire when he publicly lambasted Super Eagles Chief Coach Stephen Keshi for highlighting the issue of his unpaid seven months salary during a press conference.

Abdullahi’s comments made yesterday at a public event in Abuja, has dominated social networks today, with almost every commentator berating him for his utterances. Of all the reactions monitored by News Express, only one was in favour of the minister. Below are some of the reactions:

Richard Akinnola II: How time changes. Minister for Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi, while acknowledging that NFF are owing Stephen Keshi seven months salary, criticised Keshi for making it public. When Bolaji was working at THISDAY, before he became a commissioner in Kwara and later Minister, he used to come to my office to complain that “Baba Richie, anything for the boys? Your friend is owing us arrears of salaries o”. By my friend, he was referring to the publisher, Nduka Obaigbena. And we would joke over it. Now, the same “Abonje”, as l used to call him, is now angry that Keshi went to the press over his unpaid salaries. O ga o. How time changes.

Kemas Osuji: That’s the problem in Nigeria, its a thing of individual, it has eaten deep into the fabrics of the populace, how come this man forgets his past so soon!!! It has always remained sibylline to me!

Emmanuel Nnadozie Onwubiko: Shameless sports minister ask the thieving nff to pay Keshi now!

Bello Isiaka: Go bury your head in shame, seven months hardwork without pay is not enough time. Pay him his salary, you are collecting your own and no one is owing you.

David Daramola: This man is an idiot.7months salary. Can .NFF owe a foreign coach that long. They are all the same thing I think the president need to sack him

Asar Daniel: Terlumun Senseless comment.

Isah John: Keshi has delivered on his mandate and has earned his wages. Mr Minister what have you achieved. Please pay the man before it becomes another ASUU like matter!

Oluwole Adebiyi: What a very stupid remark by the sports minister. Such would never happen over here in the UK or in any other advanced country of the world where accountability rules even though we have some pockets of corrupt ones but not to the extent of being unable...

Shehu Mamman: Chopping another man’s sweat. This is wrong.

Ahmadu Tijjani Lawal: Different strokes for different folks i guess! Instead of lamenting, why can't the ministry just pay keshi his salaries. Rather, the NFF and ministry officials rather take the money to engage in trips and “follow-follow” our players to their engagements when the funds could have been judicously used to settle most pressing demands.

Gbenga Soloki: Something is wrong with the minister for castigating Keshi for asking for his entitlement. He did a job and ought to be paid. Will he be happy if he is owed as minister and all his obligations can not be met? Yeye person.

Olusanya Awosan: Keshi like any other labourer deserves his wages.

Ayodele Emmanuel: Can we also ask the Honourable Minister how many months arrears he is being owed?

Adelowo Abeegunde Adetunji: this is two different situation sir, while I agree keshi is entitle to his salary there is other way to engage his employer, taking them to the press is out of it, sir you said bolaji used to complain to you, but not to the public, sir you are making it public for the first time, is different from bolaji wrote article on his unpaid salary.

Rasak S Olatona: How are we sure Keshi has not exhausted other avenues internally to make his employers pay his accumulated salaries? How are we sure they didnt turn a deaf ear to him? Going public with his complaint as he did could as well be the last resort for Keshi. I think Minister Bolaji is being insincere and clever with the truth. I hope Bolaji’s comments are not a prelude to ‘nailing’ keshi?

Bayo Adeyinka: It’s a case of power corrupts... The minister’s statements smack of irresponsibility. I think it’s wickedness to hold the payment of one’s worker for any reason. The minister should have known that given his experience and that of his friends and colleagues at Thisday who went on strike recently. How time changes, indeed.

Aina Odion-akhaine: You are owing, the man kept working and producing results that are very VISIBLE, if na me, i go go on strike at the APPROPRIATE time. PAY KESHI OOOOO.

Friday Freeman Aghedo: At times I just wonder if this Public Office holder speak under the influence of Acohol or some cheap drugs. This Minister is talkin nonsense with Pride. Wat a pity.

Anthony Omomia: “You shall not muzzle the OX while he is threshing,” and “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” ..................QED.

Caxton Fatanmi: ‘SHAME’. I do not think this word is in our dictionary? How could this Minister castigate Keshi for complaining about his wages? What incentive would a Coach have when even his salary goes unpaid for 7 months? Or how much are they paying Keshi?

Nzeribe Enzo Uzordimma: this sprt minister is an idiot, is keshi a slave, why shd he b workin wthout pay? yet d sprt minister gets his full pay every month, this minister and his those in nff shd b arrested, foolish pple

Adeogun Abraham Olukayode: This man is obviously crazy, the system did not stop his own salary to be paid as a minister for sports but the system is to blame for that of keshi’s; he should be ashame of himself as a minister.

Tunde Balogun: shameless human being. Can the Minister explain to us if his own family did not eat in the last 7 months due to system failure? This is wickedness. Those responsible should be disciplined.

Peter Oladiran: Can government owe Tompolo and co?????? A good brand should just be silent and take all the shit of systemic failure...All this kind of enslavement principle are all over at workplace in Nigeria...The private company and one man business concern is worst off...

Kevin Idehen: Look at this joker, are you being owed your salary for over half a year. Why has it not been resolved internally. What a disgrace....

Gabriel Olayanju: This an unfortunate statement from the minister.

Dayo Olokodana: This so called minister should bury his head in shame. How can he come out in public and condemn Keshi who has been doing his work diligently despite not being paid for 7months. Can this useless minister work for more than 2months unpaid?

Aniebonam Ikey: I know no wether this people dey smoke baga foolish people

Oluwole Adebiyi: The minister has a microcosmic mentality. Absolutely deluded!

•Photo shows Sports Minister Bolaji Abdullahi.

Source: News Express

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