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The world has just suffered a nightmare. A nightmare the like that has never been experienced on a global scale, I mean in the Euro-American world. But why should I be concerned about the elections in a country that appropriated the name of a whole continent, two continents in fact and called it its own. For starters, the United States is not America; it is not the continent of America. It is just one of the many countries in America just as Canada and Cuba are. Just as Columbia and Haiti are. Just like Mexico and Brazil. All the citizens of all the countries in the continents of America are bona fide Americans the way citizens of Seychelles, Madagascar are Africans. But the United States has chosen to deceive and confuse the world by arrogating to itself the title America as that continent’s sole possessor.

Why should I be bothered by the elections in a country that sold huge lies and deception to the world that its astronauts landed on the moon when the facts on ground, supported by copious documentaries even from the US proved and confirmed the contrary? If the US landed on the moon about 46 years ago why has it not sent even a dog to the place since then?

Why should I bother myself with a country that dramatised the so-called collapse of the World Trade Towers even as sophisticated technology and analysis queried the veracity of the claim?

Why should I bother myself about the elections in a country that deliberately sought ways of depopulating the world and created the dreaded HIV/AIDS in the laboratory as eloquently evidenced by the world acclaimed interview of Dr Boyd Graves? The man-made Bio-weapon was in fact race specific at creation.

Are we to recall the origins of Ebola and several bogus vaccines that were created to sterilise people of poor countries and depopulate the world? The wickedness that produced the so-called family planning vaccines targeted at the women of Africa and other emerging economies is too disturbing to recall.

It is true though that the United States of America, the world’s third most populated country with its 323,995,528 people coming next to India1,266,883,598  and China 1,378,561,591 [Source Internet World Statistics] is a very powerful country and a land of unequalled opportunities. The country harbours the largest collection of immigrants from all over the world including the Irish the first wave of immigrants, the Scots, the Anglo-Saxons, Germans, Russians, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Africans. Power though had always resided in the hands of the European immigrants until lately the son of an African expatriate from Kenya changed the age long political tradition.

All said and done the US remains the most hated, most vilified and most unenvied country in the world because of its hypocritical foreign policies, its greed and self centeredness, its crookedness, its unreliability and unrivalled penchant for perfidy legacies inherited from its mother, Britain!

Its control and deployment of the media is unequalled and it has succeeded in drawing attention to its larger-than-life presence than any other country in the world. It is thus not surprising that a sneeze from the US catches world attention.

Master of propaganda and doublespeak, the US is notorious for its disdain for humanity and priestly conscience. The country does not care if the whole globe goes into flames as long as it has its way.

Elections in that country are mere re-enactments of what has always been. And as opined by Senator Byrd, West Virginia, July 2000, ‘America is not a democracy, it is a capitalist Republic’. The US is the country where money talks. It is a country run and ruled by the Military/Industrial Complex. It is a country ruled by the powerful combination of Plutocracy and Establishment. And for the simple fact that the United States harbours the largest un-informed and ill-informed people in the world, with majority having never travelled out of their country, and with an equal number who never travelled beyond their counties and states, their general pattern of behaviour is like that of a mob. A one-time President of the United States did not know the capital of Canada, their next door neighbour! He thought it was Toronto!

I want to believe that bulldozer Trump got himself the presidency because he represents the very worst of the US national values and their wobbled narrow-minded world view. Home of the worst and most weird pornography, home of the worst form and hate-filled racism, home of disrespect for  and intolerance of other religions, home of vulgar and haughty language, it would have been indeed an upset if a woman of demonstrated decency and decorum like Hillary Clinton had won!

Some may argue that it was the same people with the stated values and temperament that put African-American Barack Obama in the White House. Such position would be forgetting the reign of the blood thirsty war mongering illiterate Bush and the damage the cowboy did to the US psyche and global image compounded by the huge debts he put on the neck of their citizens. At the time bush disappeared from the scene the US owed China 500 billion dollars! The votes Obama garnered were the votes of anti-Bush and what he and his clique represented. This of course is not meant to undermine or underrate Obama’s inimitable intellect and oratorical prowess.

Insecurity and fear had been the Republican Party’s major weapons of mind control. Republican leaders always preached fear and insecurity and presented their country as a nation under siege. This tactics had almost always worked, and it worked very well for Bush, and now, hugely for Trump.

Three of my close friends Ambassador Yemi Farounbi, Dr Kunle Olajide and Dr Wale Adeniran and this writer nursed great doubts throughout the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaign. It was our common view that anything was possible in the US. It is a country predictable for its unpredictability. While we thought and believed that Hillary was a much better and cleaner candidate for the White House we were also very mindful that citizens of the US especially the extreme right were capable of upsets.

The elections are over, the upset has come, and the nightmare is for the US and its allies to nurse for a long time.

America their America, a book by Professor John Pepper Clark, remains a classic!

•Chief Tola Adeniyi (shown in photo), a former Managing Director of Daily Times of Nigeria, is Executive Chairman, The Knowledge Plaza and Founder Global Intelligentsia for Buhari. He can be reached via can be reached via

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