KAGOTE, an enemy of Ogoni Land, By MOSOP Publicity Secretary Fegalo Nsuke

Posted by Fegalo Nsuke | 5 August 2016 | 2,496 times

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One thing that has recently shocked me so greatly is the latest revelation on Peter Medee's role in the killing of over 3,000 Ogoni people during the years of repression under Nigeria's military regimes. It was truly very saddening to learn that Peter Medee was a spy police officer for Shell, and provided the intelligence that helped Paul Okuntimo, Shell and the then repressive Nigerian government in raiding Ogoni villages leading to the death of over 3,000 persons.

Today, Peter Medee is prosecuting the same war on the people with a strange and new KAGOTE, an organisation which was dissolved in 1990, following the formation of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). The then president of KAGOTE, Dr. Garrick Leton, became the president of MOSOP, the vice-president of KAGOTE, Chief Edward Kobani, became the vice-president of MOSOP, its PRO, Ken Saro-Wiwa became the spokesman for the Ogoni people and publicity secretary of MOSOP.

The recent revelations provide answers to why Peter Medee remains unsettled with the current leadership of MOSOP and continue to be part of back-door moves to create divisions among Ogoni people. Medee should be worried about his past records and associations with the Nigerian oppressors and will want to do everything possible to upturn every system that can bring his ugly past to the public domain. These revelations about Medee do not only damage everything left of KAGOTE but also places a moral question on all those who are associated with it. It is actually not surprising that one of the strong allies of KAGOTE is the self-confessed enemy of Ken Saro-Wiwa: Mr GNK Gininwa. Mr Gininwa claims to be a traditional ruler and custodian of the culture and values of the Tai people of Ogoni. He is unfortunately a very shameful representation of Ogoni chieftaincy institution.

Gininwa confessed on June 24, 2016 at a workshop organised by the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), how he raised an impostor to try to disorganise the MOSOP leadership, because the president of MOSOP had refused to cooperate with his plot to get oil mining to resume in Ogoniland. Gininwa's naivety does to allow him understand that the MOSOP president cannot singularly approve the resumption of oil production in Ogoniland.

Gininwa had also on June 2, 2016 in Bodo, during the presidential flag-off for the Ogoni cleanup, acknowledged being sent on exile by his community due to his opposition against Saro-Wiwa. Gininwa is an ally of Medee; both of them have worked against Saro-Wiwa and shamelessly want to reap from the sacrifices of Saro-Wiwa's blood. Clearly, these are men without integrity. In a society where decency was upheld, the government should have nothing to do with them. Both Medee and Gininwa are currently leading the crusade for the resumption of oil mining in Ogoni: the same role they played in the 1990s, aiding a very successful military crackdown on Ogoni communities and killing over 3,000 people. Both men have become a nuisance. And, increasingly, they constitute a social threat to the peace of Ogoni. Medee should be worried about his poor impression on his well-paid job and should see his fraudulent claims on the strength of his new KAGOTE as a platform to impress his paymasters about his capacity to destroy the Ogoni movement against injustice.

Clearly, the new KAGOTE, which is backed by the All Progressives Congress (APC), and headed by Peter Medee, was an attempt to find legitimacy in the fight against the people-based Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People. As a very poor planner, Medee and his collaborators failed to understand that the strategic positioning of MOSOP makes it impossible for anyone to destroy. MOSOP is an idea, a philosophy, and not just about the symbolic leadership of the Ogoni people. In KAGOTE, Medee has found another opportunity to unleash pain and sustain the clamp down on the Ogoni people. His primary focus is currently to force the resumption of oil mining in Ogoniland, through the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, the oil exploration arm of the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Medee will continue to struggle within that circle and his lack of foresight will not let him understand that it is already a failed expedition.

In Medee, you can find the fraud in present-day KAGOTE. This is an organisation without any support- base, and lacking in legitimacy. Medee's antecedent as an ally of Shell and Okuntimo is a clear reflection of the very essence of the present day KAGOTE. KAGOTE is the new Paul Okuntimo and it is just as good as Okuntimo's military task force, as it is headed by an ally of Shell.

To the NPDC, Belema Oil and what have you,  it will be good to notify you that the will and resilience of the Ogoni people cannot be broken by a thousand KAGOTE,  Medee or Gininwa. The only solution is to urge the government to respect our rights and demands in the Ogoni Bill of Rights.

To the Ogonis, I would say, now that Peter Medee and GNK Gininwa have both been exposed, I will expect a total denouncement of the evil they both represent. We must all rise for the peace of Ogoni, for the truth, and for the Ogoni Bill of Rights.

Final note: The Ogoni and the general public should be wary about one ravaging Medee, the spy-police officer for Shell, who provided intelligence reports that aided Shell, the Nigerian government and Okuntimo to conduct successful raids on Ogoniland and aided the death of over 3,000 Ogoni people.

Mr Nsuke, whose photo appears alongside this piece, write from Port Harcourt. He can be reached via nsuke.fegalo@gmail.com

Source: News Express

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