My tears for Nigeria, By Pastor Lovina Iburene

Posted by Pastor Lovina Iburene | 12 July 2016 | 3,055 times

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The governorship crisis of Abia State is a coup organised by civilians, using a dead judiciary to fulfil its evil agenda with the hatred of Nigerians at heart: external interests at work. Why not allow the sitting governor the peace to rule?

The freezing of Governor Ayo Fayose, Tompolo’s accounts or any account for that matter without a judgment from the court, is an act of criminality. We cannot accommodate criminality or use crime to fight crime.

The judgment of the court against the Abia governor, an elected governor, is a conspiracy against democracy, which we should all rise up to kick against. If a person or group of persons decide to fight crime/corruption with crime, then they are more criminal than the others. Why do people pretend to be submissive to God when praying for success and after achieving it, they disrespect the God that made it possible? You cannot change your character till you change your inside. Whatever you do starts from within. A questionable integrity is no integrity. Holy worship brings great deliverance. Daniel was put in the lions’ den because he prayed, but God gave him a great deliverance. (Dan 6:1-28)

The worst thing in the world is a man taking God for granted. By taking your fellow man for granted, you have taken God for granted and the reward is awaiting you. The judiciary has descended to a level that anyone can buy it to fulfil a selfish agenda, not minding the pain it has caused Nigerians. The judiciary is a toy for those in power, just as Sheriff is being used by the opposition. Isaiah 10:2. Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees to turn aside the needy from judgment and to take away the right from the poor of my people, to rob the fatherless

Nigerians: sovereignty is negotiable. We cannot continue to rob Peter to pay Paul. You won’t continue to be our President. Your time is almost over, Muhammadu Buhari.

Niger Delta must control their resources, but with new honest God-fearing leaders; not the present looting governors, just like other states of the country too. President BUHARI WAS NAMED AS A SPONSOR of Boko Haram. But he denies it, just as some governors too are sponsoring militants in other to have more money to loot. God is not sleeping. All those guilty would pay for it.

•Pastor Lovina Iburene, whose photo appears alongside this piece, is of The Truth Ministry of Christ Bringing The Truth That Frees. She can be reached via 08066350994;

Source: News Express

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