The Chief Segun Olusola that I knew, By Jimi Olusola III

Posted by Jimi Olusola III | 11 June 2016 | 6,737 times

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It is exactly four years now since the Elder Statesman, His Excellency Ambassador Segun Olusola (OFR), passed on. When I heard the news of his demise, I was really shocked because it was quite unexpected. As I went to the Ajibulu Moniya Gallery in company of my wife to commiserate with the family, the atmosphere was still as lively as when he was alive. With large portraits of his displayed all over the gallery announcing his obituary, no one was left in doubt that burial arrangements for the diplomatic, media, cultural and educational icon were in top gear. When I saw uncle Jimi, his first son, I became numb, I did not know what to say, I just stared at him and smiled. Thereafter, we discussed briefly and I went to sign the condolence register, therein I saw usual statements like:

“We have lost an irreplaceable gem”

“He was truly a great Statesman”

“We shall miss him forever” and many more…..

With all these statements, still, I did not properly understand the full meaning and implication of his death to me until after about a year when I needed his soothing and fatherly care and I looked towards the gallery, then it dawned on me that my father Chief Segun Olusola had departed to the great beyond never to be seen in this world again. As the reality of his death overwhelmed me deeper and deeper in that solemn meditation, I soon became completely overcome with grief as I felt so lonely, empty, and frustrated. Then it dawned on me again that my father, the cultural luminary, the expert speaker with super eminent genius in the use of the English Language, His Excellency, Ambassador Segun Olusola had departed to the great beyond never to be seen in this world again.

A man of care

Why was Jacob so grief stricken? One may ask and I would answer thus: No one ever met Chief Segun Olusola and left the same way. If you were sorrowful, you would leave smiling, if you were hopeless, you would leave full of hope, if you were lonely, you would leave full of company, if you were homeless, you would leave with the assurance of finding a home, if you felt nobody cared about you, you were deserted, unloved, un-respected and un-recognised, Ajibulu Moniya Gallery became a safe haven for you where you would be truly loved, recognised and respected. If you met Chief Olusola as an orphan, you would leave with the assurance of meeting your father indeed.

A man of humour

He had a deep sense of wit and humour that was nearly equal to none in his generation. His generous and exceptional display of witty humour was encapsulated and embedded in his love for cultural languages and especially polished by his unusual mastery of the English Language. He had uncommon respect for human beings no matter your status such that he would not live to see someone feeling embarrassed in his presence. He had the mastery of turning awry situations into theatrical humour in order to cover and protect people from feeling embarrassed.

A problem solver

Ambassador Segun Olusola was a born humanitarian per excellence. He pre-occupied himself with the duties of touching lives. The uppermost thing in his heart from which he derived great joy and fulfillment was to see people’s problems solved. For this reason he often would over work himself to the point of becoming sick because he would always accept to give a helping hand to everyone who came with a need.

A testimony of his lifestyle of problem solving

My mentor and friend, Mr. Collins Mark Akpan had a very brilliant daughter who finished her secondary school from the Igbinedion Education Centre in flying colours but unfortunately could not gain admission into the university for years. She made several attempts including writing the diploma exams at the University of Lagos but to no avail. Frustration began to set in and the pretty young lady started losing appetite for food, and as expected, she quickly lost so much weight that she became a source of worry to all around her.

As a close ally of the family, I told the father that we should tell Chief Segun Olusola about the admission need of the lady and he agreed. When I narrated the situation to Chief Olusola, he listened with rapt attention and with great concern then said I should draft a letter for him to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan where we were seeking admission.  I did and he signed the letter which was immediately dispatched to the office of the VC. Unfortunately, the University had already closed admission. However, when the VC saw the letter that it was from Chief Segun Olusola, a man who had built an enviable reputation for himself across the entire continent of Africa and beyond, he had to break existing protocols, Academic Board standing rules on admission, and above all, the University Senate standing policies on admission and personally sought approval to grant Chief Olusola’s request to admit just one more candidate.

Blessing Collins was admitted and a few years later she graduated with a 2:1 in Food and Nutrition.   When she came to see Chief Olusola after her graduation as she beamed with smiles, the Chief could not hide his joy of fulfillment but just embraced her daughter.

This was His Excellency (Chief) Ambassador Segun Olusola that I knew. He is gone, gone forever, when comes such another?

Jimi Olusola III can be reached via Photo shows Ambassador Segun Olusola (OFR).

Source: News Express

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