Spiritual implications of beautiful titles, positions, By Missionary Lovina Iburene

Posted by News Express | 14 February 2016 | 2,848 times

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The more you know, that is how you will be judged. If most men do not understand physical things, how much more will they understand spiritual things? The book of James 3: 1 says: “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. Let not all men be preachers, teachers, or leaders; for the more they know, the more they will be judged.”

Today, people feel it is a thing of pride to be called ‘men of God’ or leaders of whatever category. Truly, you are called a man of God or a leader and the respect and worldly benefits come to you, but what about the spiritual implications your title and position placed on you? Are you capable to withstand them?

You bear Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist, Pope, His Holiness, Perfect Master, Most Reverend, Governor, President, Imam, Alfa, etc. As a matter of fact, some even bear king of kings and lord of lords. Take a look around you and you will understand what I am saying. The responsibility you have towards God as regards your actions towards his creations: are you keeping them? Do not forget, God is not mocked for whatsoever we sow, we shall reap.

If, actually, men of God or other leaders have a duty to lead mankind to God in sincerity, then we should not wonder about the fact that they should be more obedient to every commandment than their followers. The problem is that such people acting contrarily are either being used by the devil, unknowingly, to be destroyed or they are taking God for granted and would also be destroyed on the last day. Beloved, how is it that the one that preaches emotionally that people who give are blessed, turns out to have a very stingy nature? Yet, he continues to collect from his followers and the public generally. Is any of these supposed to be caught in adultery, fornication, corruption, etc?

In the case of governors, presidents, charity organisations, etc, all of them are accountable to God. As a governor or any leader at all, how are you managing the resources meant for the millions under your care? Do the flashy clothes, cars and uncountable companies, estates, jets, uncountable concubines and diverted funds traceable to your accounts speak well of you as governor of the people?

The same is applicable to every leader: spiritual or otherwise. Even a gate man is accountable: is he guiding well or conniving with armed robbers to rob his master and will pretend to join the family to shed tears? You should not forget that at the end of your life’s journey you will either be welcome or condemned by God. Please, believe it! To cut a long story short, we are all accountable.

To be on the safe side, after reading this article, do away with any title or position that will take you to hell. Someone told me some days back that going by my publicity, I should bring together Christian politicians and advise them on the way forward. I said okay, just to terminate the conversation. Are Christian politicians not among the corrupt ones? Are most of our pastors not even among the corrupt ones? They preach the word; they hear the word of God and throw it away. Is it my gathering Christian politicians that would make an impact? Because of the messages I post on the Internet and some newspapers, people from government, assassins and all are manner of people are calling my lines, some are tailing me and my husband; strange folks come to my house, point towards me and go back to where they came from. Odd-looking men keep coming. It is just the grace of God that has preserved my husband I from their evil machinations. However, all I know is that I have no time to summon any group to a meeting, be they Christians or Muslims. Most of them are corrupt. They need God! They need to repent, that is it.

James 2: 19-20 says: “Thou believes that there is one God, thou doest well; the devil also believes and tremble. But know O vain man, that faith without works is dead.”

The truth is very bitter, but we have to say it. If we go to churches, mosques, etc, to dance to God’s glory while within us are flashing, lying, stinginess, pride, bigotry,  throatiness, envy, jealousy, fornication, adultery, etc, does your dance glorify God or Satan?

The purpose of this message is to bring such people back to God.

•Missionary Iburene, whose photo appears alongside this piece, is of The Truth Ministry of Christ Bringing The Truth That Frees (Public/Internet Ministries), Nigeria. 08066350994, 08135907006, 08177358063.

Source: News Express

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