Why I want President Buhari to be impeached now, By Pastor Lovina Iburene

Posted by News Express | 24 November 2015 | 4,267 times

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Where do I start with President Muhammadu Buhari? I am already getting fed-up of issues relating to him: he gave lots of promises during the elections. He promised, security, change in every area of life. Six months into office, nothing has been realised other than his promoting tribalism, religious discrimination and running the government as his personal property. President Buhari has lied to the people of Nigeria. This evil ideology of “my idea, my idea,” is only a way to represent only the north and Muslims. And, if it is allowed to continue, it would be very dangerous because the Nigerian people have been quiet for too long.  When anarchy comes, it would be the greatest that any country has witnessed.

President Buhari must be stopped now! He is already guilty of impeachment.

Actually, he will bring out the worst from the people and, if care is not taken, he may not live to tell the story. Buhari must be reminded to deliver his promises. Nigerians have to stand up to demand their rights. Enough is enough.

Buhari should be made to respect human lives. His attitude in office is, to say the least, disgraceful and very disturbing. I am a strong believer in the country, Nigeria. Anything to move it forward has always been my concern. I have always supported Nigeria, hence my opening the page: “100 per cent support and prayer for Buhari, for a great Nigeria” on Internet. But to say the truth, I regret it now.

The former president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, is a saint compared to President Buhari who has started governance on a wrong foot. He is yet to also tell us the real truth about Boko Haram and his duty in this ugly drama that the country has had for about four years. But since I am a strong believer in God, I know, no evil doer will go unpunished.

Is President Buhari enjoying the loss of confidence from the people? Does he want total anarchy? And if he does, will he go scot-free? He is encouraging a total lack of respect for democracy and the rule of law: and it is obvious he should be prepared to see what other presidents have not seen. Using his unconstitutional rights to be picking his people in offices at the detriment of people from other parts of the country and religion, what gave him the assurance that his people are not corrupt? If he Buhari is not also corrupt, how come he started the Boko Haram issue because of his ungodly desire for power? He later turned back to start instigating the killings of his messengers to avert trace. Now, he is trying to borrow a huge sum from the World Bank to re-build a place that his boys are still destroying?  What is he targeting the money for?

 What are his towards the Niger Delta that has been left undeveloped for years?

He is rather working towards taking everything from there and transferring to the north. This leadership is in total confusion. He promised to work for national interest, but what is glaring is a personal interest.

What is Buhari’s hidden agenda? He should stop being a coward and come out boldly with his real agenda. He promised change. But through his men (and INEC), he committed a great crime by bringing in little children to vote for him. Is that not corruption? What good will come out from an unrepentant heart?

 Should Buhari forget – this culture of impunity will be his down fall. He should be told that the essence of democracy is meant to have a responsible leadership, not an area boy leader who believes his opinion is the best when, indeed, his is the worst. Buhari should be made to know that he is accountable to all Nigerians. A man who does not submit to authority has nothing to offer Nigerians. Nigerians have to take their destinies in their hands; they have to reclaim their sovereignty from leaders whose main agenda is fighting for their pockets. We are tired of having political harlots at the helm of affairs.

All over the country, all you see is political corruption, party corruption and armed robbers in high places: a godless group of leaders. But, President Buhari should be warned not to play on peoples’ intelligence. Because, if thinks those his people he appointed have integrity, he should not forget people from other parts of Nigeria also have integrity; not even like his that has a mask attached to it.

There is neither peace nor security; the economy is biting hard, there are cases of human rights abuses everywhere, issues of marginalisation and widespread poverty; yet, he is there making matters worse.

During your trip to the United States, President Buhari, your son and your friends were among the delegation, while Governor Adams Oshiomhole went with his wife. Please, in God’s name, what message are you people sending to, not just Nigerians, but the world. And come to think of it, these are ex-president Jonathan’s accusers! I am deeply ashamed of such show of hypocrisy, to say the least, and so are other men and women of good conscience. He should use his tongue to count his teeth. If he thinks he has all the powers, Buhari is mistaken because God who neither sleeps nor slumber will bring a little child to fling him out of office, should he refuse to repent or leave office. Else, he’ll be sent to hell where he and other evil people belong.

If you ask me I suggest that impeachment proceedings against Buhari should start immediately. We already tired of a president wearing a mask.

•Pastor Lovina Amangala Iburene (shown in photo) is of The Truth Ministry bringing the Truth that Frees, Lagos, Nigeria (World Public Ministry). She can be reached via 08066350994, 08135907006, 07014821208; E-mail: pstlovina@yahoo.com


Source: News Express

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