Nigerian inventor of medicine for curing COVID-19 raises the alarm over move by WHO to give credit to Western scientists

Posted by News Express | 25 October 2021 | 2,989 times

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•COVID-19 medicine inventor, Prof. Maduike Ezeibe



The inventor of Nigerian medicine for curing HIV/AIDS, Prof. Maduike Ezeibe, has expressed concern that the World Health Organization (WHO) was on the verge of giving credit to Western Scientists for developing drugs for curing COVID-19 pandemic, instead of himself.

Ezeibe, who is the Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture (MOUA), Umudikein Abia State, has also attributed federal government’s inability to verify his claim that his invention, Medicinal synthetic Aluminum magnesium silicate (MSAMS), cures COVID-19 and proclaim such to the world, to mental slavery.

In February 2017, Ezeibe announced that he has discovered cure for HIV/AIDS with the invention of MSAMS.

He explained that the medicine uses opposite charges electrostatic attraction to bond to electrical charges on viruses and so leads to quick cure of viral diseases, including HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, and cancers, among other viral diseases.

Apart from curing viral diseases, Ezeibe claims that MSAMS could be used to potentiate other drugs, stressing that demand for the medicine in this regard, could make the medicine the biggest foreign exchange earner for Nigeria, more than crude oil.

As at the time he made his invention public, he was at the trial stage of his medicine and funds running into billions were required to administer the drug on about 10 per cent of HIV/AIDS patients in Nigeria then put at about 37, 000, as required by law, and he appealed to the federal government to assist him by funding the trial.

Regulatory agencies of the federal government reacted angrily to the news of Ezeibe’s invention, accusing him of not following laid down procedure for announcing such scientific breakthroughs.

Since then, the federal government has engaged in a cat-and-mouse game in verifying Ezibe’s claim that MSAMS cures viral diseases hitherto believed to be incurable, despite proofs that the medicine is efficacious and has been used to cure many HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 patients.

The Professor of Clinical Virology claimed that MSAMS cures COVID-19 in 72 hours.

When WHO approved vaccination as cure for COVID-19, Ezeibe raised his voice to shout that vaccination was not the solution to the pandemic.

His argument was that it was very difficult and almost impossible to achieve desired vaccination coverage within period of the vaccines’ protection, even if they were effective and safe.     

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently gave an end date for the epidemic: “The pandemic will end in early 2022.” Zhang Wenhong also said that the end is not far away.

WHO said a wonder drug which cures COVID-19 called Monapinavir, has been developed by Germany’s Rigibel and America’s Merck, adding that Phase I and phase II clinical trials have been successfully completed in humans with 100 per cent efficacy.

WHO is also quoted as saying that Phase 3 clinical trials are nearing completion and the results are excellent. The apex global health body said the trials are successful, the drug would be launched in about four to five months.

It said the drug can be taken orally at home and recovered in 5 days, adding that it is very convenient to use. “Treating the new coronavirus later is like treating the common cold now,” according the news.

Sources said the drug was originally developed for the flu virus. “It’s a compound that blocks the viral IA enzyme, which prevents the virus from replicating itself, and essentially destroys the virus very quickly.

“The current principle of the vaccine against the new coronavirus is to target the new corona virus’ rim, thereby preventing the virus from binding to human cells. The principles are different.

“In March and April last year, mink farms in Holland and Norway were infected with new coronavirus, resulting in millions of mink mass deaths. The farm fed the mink with Monapinavir. After 24 hours, no new coronavirus was found in the sick minks, and the farm stopped the transmission of the new virus.

“Then the two major pharmaceutical companies on the human body to carry out the first phase of clinical trials, after the success of the second phase, the third phase clinical trial, so far is about to officially launch.

“All in all, this is a great achievement for the scientific community, especially the medical community. It may be the fourth classic after valium, aspirin and penicillin.  

“Developed by Japan’s powerful Shiono Yoshi Corporation and Hokkaido University, the new crown drug will be put into production in December, Direct oral once a day, five days cure, very cheap and very safe, has just entered the third phase of clinical trials, the epidemic will eventually end,” according to the news credited to WHO.      

Reacting to WHO’s recent turn around that the global health body would soon unveil Monapinavir that can terminate COVID-19 virus infection, Ezeibe noted that the development meant that WHO has accepted that vaccination was not solution for COVID-19; and also that mopping the virus with medicines that bind(bond) to it is the correct mechanism for the treatment. “These two prepositions are my inventions,” Ezeibe insisted.

“I have been stating them for over two years. I have published them in scientific journals and news media and stated them before scientific panels.   

“What have the Americans and Germans done differently or better that WHO should give them the credit?” he queried during a chat with newsmen.

“I also have my medicine, the Medicinal synthetic Aluminum magnesium silicate (MSAMS) which uses opposite charges electrostatic attraction to bond to electrical charges on viruses and so leads to quick cure of COVID-19.

“Many people have been cured and we reported the cure in an American journal. WHO's attention should be called to our publications. They should not ignore our publications and give the credit to people who came later and might even have copied us,” he added.

On the federal government’s foot-dragging in verifying his claim, Ezeibe blamed it on what he called “mental slavery.”

“Mental slavery could be our problem.  If not so, why is it difficult to verify the claim that MSAMS is cure for COVID-19, since both the size and charges on the mineral being used as medicine and charges on viruses are verifiable in existing literature?

“Why then is it difficult for our authorities to make public declaration? Why are we not shouting ‘Eureka’?” he asked, rhetorically.

Ezeibe, had, in September, called on the federal government to treat those suppressing recognition of his medicine as economic saboteurs. According to him, those suppressing his invention from being recognised were not punishing him but the country.

Source: News Express

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