Of ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members and the attack on Nigeria Defence Academy, By Mike-Nifty A. A.

Posted by News Express | 31 August 2021 | 1,035 times

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•Mike-Nifty A. A.


In my last article published by News Express Nigeria, I constructively asserted that acts of terrorism cannot stop because even in the days of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and Qurans, terrorist activities took place with hundreds of thousands of peoples losing their lives due to a lot of differences both politically, religiously and ethnically.

In the world we live in today, there have been a lot of happenings that spread down to Africa especially the West African sub region mostly in Nigeria and her neighboring countries are suffering from its consequences. The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York suddenly opened the eyes of the world that these global terrorists are not playing and they don’t mind playing with the lives of people globally.

There has been news making the rounds on social medias and making the headlines on our television screens in Nigeria about the recent attack on the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) by armed bandits and lives of innocent soldiers serving their fatherland were sacrificed due to that tragic event which no one saw coming. I can categorically say that there is a snitch or what I call an informant in the camp of the NDA that gave out valuable and classified information to the bandits who perpetrated the attack.

Or could it be that someone amongst the cadets in the academy mistakenly sold out information to strangers without him knowing which later turned to use it against the whole school and which has affected the whole of Nigeria.

This is not looking good on Nigeria economically because the global community are watching as these evil and tragic events are unfolding on a daily bases in Nigeria. This is wading off possible investors out of the country and those prospective economic booster investors are all running to small Ghana with the total population not even up to half of the Southwest. That is how bad terrorism has destroyed the country's image and most American companies like Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and the rest of them are all setting their West African headquarters in that country and they have the most users here in Nigeria, and that is a big blow on us. Terrorism must stop now because the world is slowly dying and like I always say these bad guys have the full backings of the world’s superpowers and that's why their business thrives smoothly without any hiccups.

Just take a look at the recent happening in Nigeria that got everyone talking on/off the internet about certain folks claiming to be Boko Haram terrorist surrendering their arms and claiming to be ‘repentant’ according to the words used by the Presidency that received them back into the society to continue to live amongst normal people and were duly integrated into the society which i find very absurd and disturbing because these same guy can act as mouth piece and informant for their supposedly former ally to kill the country called Nigeria.

Most of these terrorists are foreign mercenaries that are hired to disrupt every economic activities of the country by perching deeply into the system through destruction and disruption and there's no bail out to their incessant penetration to constantly destroy innocent lives and properties of great worth.

As a solutionist that I am my two kobo to the Federal Government of Nigeria is to not integrate the so-called ‘repentant’ Boko Haram terrorists into the society and they must be tried accordingly with due process of the judicial law of the country.

Well, most times when I ruminate over these actions carried out by the government; why they are not immediately prosecuting them, I have the feeling that it is because, maybe, they want more of those guys to surrender and not make them feel that they will end up in jail or die by hanging according to the judgment initiated by law and maybe or maybe not it's a political trick to just lure more of those terrorists to leave their evil ways of life and later cast down judgments on them.

The multitudes in the country are asking questions and even the places I’m privileged to be at a particular time like a popular newspaper stand close to my house where some “street government critics” usually say “they are afraid of carrying out their usual daily activity because they do not know whom a repentant terrorist is around them and can maybe hurt them if they should by chance or mistake offend such people”.

Intrinsically, you can take the boy out of the barracks but you cannot take the barracks out of the boy, so the repentant terrorists would still have that evil somewhere deep in their inner recesses of their hearts but there is no one God Almighty cannot change his ways from evil to good completely.

Mike-Nifty A. A. is a public affairs analyst, curator, 360 lifer and a general consultant please reach him via nifty.mics@yahoo.com

Source: News Express

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