See me, see kidnapper dem (2)

Posted by News Express | 26 February 2021 | 1,074 times

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As we dey go for road, na im OC Crime wey siddon with me for front seat of my guonguoro, dey tell di order three olopa wey siddon for back wetin dem go do immediately we reach di place for Dopemu.

But di kind language wey OC Crime take talk to im boys, I no come understand ra-ra-ra-ra. Na dat day I sabi say olopa get dia own language wey bloody civilian like we no fit understand. If you like, put up all di antenna wey dey your ear, you go only hear, you no go understand.

Me, I jus dey face front dey drive my guonguoro dey go. Shebi na dat one be my work nau. 

Wetin I know be say, wen we come back to dia station for Ikeja, na my money I go collect, no story.

We pass Ikeja Along, Onipetesi, Ile Zik, Mangoro. As we near dat bridge wey we go climb up and begin go Dopemu side, na im OC Crime tell me say na one house we dey go but I no go stop for di house gan gan. E say I go drop dem like two house before dat one. I say okay.

E say wen I stop for dem to go down, I no go off my guonguoro engine, I go jus put one leg for break and second leg for throttle. I say okay.

E say any time dem come out for di house dem wan enter, dem go jump enter my guonguoro and I go jus move kia kia. I say okay.

Na dat time I sabi di kind work wey I collect so. I don follow for olopa operation be dat. Olorun Oba o!

Na so my body come dey shake like Shakespeare. I wan blow horn make one okada man for my front comot for road, instead, I come put on full light. I don become shaky shaky daddy be dat.

E be like say OC Crime sabi say afraid catch me. E jus tell me say: “Oga MAT, control yourself. Don't fear. We are equal to the task. You don’t have any problem. Just listen to me at every point in time and take whatever orders I issue.” Tori Olorun!

I come talk am for my mind say, “who send me come o? Me, I be taxi driver, I no be soja or olopa o! If anyting happen to me now, wetin I go do o?”

I come remember my family – my wife Bose and my two woman pikin dem, Bisi and Funke. Who send me message ooo!!!

OC Crime say make I stop. I no even match break finish wen di four both of dem open door and jump down. 

All of dem come carry dia gun like say war don start. All di people wey dey for dat street jus dey run kati kati. Some okada people and dia passenger dem even fall inside gutter. 

Di next ting I hear na Kpua! Kpua!! Kpua!!! Dem don dey fire gun be dat o. Gun shot come scatter everywia, and na so bullet come dey fly left, right and centre. Oluwa o!

Small time, I see as OC Crime drag one bobo wey dem don put handcuff for hand, come push am inside backseat of my guonguoro. One olopa siddon with am. Bullet don scatter di bobo left eye and im white shirt come turn red as blood dey flow like tap.

OC Crime run go inside di house again. Na so di order two olopa drag one madam and anoder bobo come out again with handcuff. OC Crime stop anoder taxi for dem.

OC Crime rush come jump inside my guonguoro, e shoot gun for air Kpua! Kpua!! Kpua!!! E say make I move dey follow di order taxi kia kia.

My broda, na dat day I sabi say true, true I be Lagos taxi driver. If you see di way I take fire di guonguoro dey go, hmm, you go bow for me.

As we dey go, OC Crime jus dey shout, “Bastard kidnappers!” Na dat time I sabi di kind person I dey carry for my guonguoro.

We reach Ikeja station, OC Crime settle me, carry dia customer enter dia station, and I begin go my way.

Wen I reach our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge and tell my union member dem as I waka, everybody shock.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you

Tank you very much

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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