I want to be like a tree! By Oluwaseun Adegbile

Posted by News Express | 11 September 2020 | 1,447 times

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•Oluwaseun Adegbile


I want to be like a tree! The giant cedars, the toughness of mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) and the ever-flexible Okoume (Aucoumea klaineana) trees amused my sense. They stand strong against the fiercest storm and draught. They enjoy perennial years on earth, fighting fires and pestilence with thick, resistant bark and plentiful in-house repellants. These creatures are worth giving a second thought.

Cooperatively standing alone, they give the jungle the beauty of nature in their togetherness. Although they are individually strong and unique, their togetherness make doubles of power and a quadruplets of beauty.

Their presence on planet earth is for a purpose, yes a mission. To rid the world of toxic compound of carbon (IV) oxides – an odourless killer in the atmosphere – they, in turn, give the world the ever-fresh and clean air, oxygen. The process of photosynthesis is not only for their growth alone, the chlorophyll in the trees’ leaves trap sun's rays and, in a way, cools the environment. No wonder everyone clamours for fresh air. Planting of trees are, indeed, important to our wellness. The different arrays of drugs and medicine serves the ailing men the nature’s strength and gives a great sense of beauty and splendour that eyes can only behold.

Being where they are has no benefits for themselves, but for humanity: God created them for us. They provide shelter for birds in the air; a preferred home for apes and monkeys, and a wall of protection against wind for human beings. The sweet and nutritious fruits of mangoes, apples, oranges, avocados and pineapple serve as food and supplements to help us grow healthier, bigger and stronger. As a matter of fact, young children cannot do without them.

Just a small and tiny seed abandoned in the soil holds the power to change the world in a few years to come. How I wish men could learn from the magic of trees. How I wish they learn that before plants can bear fruit and be a solution to our blessed world, it has once been abandoned in oblivion, left to grow into fullness and, later, it fulfills God’s given mandate.

These three stages are very important to the true living of mankind. Just as a seed cannot germinate if it is not buried and abandoned in the soil, so also man cannot fulfill God’s purpose, if he is not ready to be away and forgotten for a season; the process is for total breakdown and remodelling. The second stage is growing, having discovered your vision and passion, the next most important is growing in capacities and abilities to live fully to fulfill the final stages of creation. Plants always wait patiently, delaying gratification just to grow fully. Did man have such patience? And here comes the final stages of creation which is centred on solving problems and resisting the evil. Plants have this ability in abundance to which helpless man often resorts.

I wish man can see the magic of trees, lessons in their growth stages and process and the benefits they bequeathe on nature. Trees allow nature work through them, that is why they are magical.

•Oluwaseun Adegbile can be reached via Oluwaseunadegbile1@gmail.com

Source: News Express

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