Nigerians, Goodluck and Buhari

Posted by Lovina Iburene | 10 March 2015 | 3,930 times

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You see a very loving President Gooduck Jonathan that knows he may be bombed, but still visited the places that terrorism is reigning supreme, because of his love for his country. He embraces the adversaries, accommodates people’s vices to an unspeakable point, not knowing that the nature of man needs caution regularly, else they take things for granted.

Secondly, you see an ex-president, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, who has no business with indiscipline. I will forever like to wake up to experience when people have to queue at bus stops, when one undisciplined youth will not push aside an elderly and sick lady, just to rush into a bus, as it is today. Nigeria under his rule was very neat cum environmental sanitation. It is not like today that dirty gutters are everywhere.
Both men have their good points and weaknesses. Accept them, as they seek God to get better.

I dream of a country that corruption would be reduced to the barest minimum: A time when all corrupt politicians would not only be thrown into prison, but all the stolen funds recovered; a time when it would be a thing of pride to introduce oneself as a Nigerian out of our shores. A time when two-third of our national wealth will not be shared among the leaders, with little or nothing left for national projects.

I dream of a time when we, as citizens, will not wait for environmental sanitation day before we clean our surroundings, especially now that sanitation day for traders means they should all be at home till 10am before resuming for the day’s work. By so doing, they escape their morning duty, and those in charge of the sanitation responsibilities would collect money and look the other way. This I do not care attitude must stop.

Say no to lies, because they keep us in bondage. I am not into politics and I do not have any business with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Congress (APC), or any party for that matter. I speak out of good conscience. What I desire for us as citizens, is to go out there on the 28th and vote for whoever you choose and allow God to decide the winner.

The military should be used as security, for those voting, because, the two major parties have disgraced themselves enough with their disastrous campaigns, exchange in name callings, and death threats, because of the ungodly desire for power, forgetting that one can force himself into power and if God is angry, he or she may not live to lead.

Any attempt at fighting for one or the other who loses or wins is sheer stupidity and insanity. And fighting the will of God will bring disastrous consequences.

Age, education, religion should not be your target. None of those has anything to do with good leadership. Beauty should not be overstretched because, when you visit Kiri Kiri Prison, you will find out that the most handsome inmates are (sometimes) the worst criminals. Beauty is deceptive, as the Bible says.

A bad leader is a bad leader not minding if he is young, old, educated, or not. Abraham was 75 years old when God started using him. Even religion should not be your yard stick. After all, both Christian and Moslem politicians are involved in diversion of funds. They are also part of why we are in this mess today. Even a native doctor can repent and lead well, by the special grace of God.

The person that should lead us must have the combination of these qualities: Kindness, discipline, not-corrupt and God-fearing, which is the top-most point. Anything short of these qualities will attract negativities. That is the plain truth.

A true leader must ignore praise singers. Don’t forget, people will sing your praises because they need money. If there is no corruption, how come our society gave birth to terrorists?
Who will terrorise who, if there is no corruption?

Corruption is the mother and father of terrorism and every other evil works. We should all fight against corruption and its uncountable evil attractions. Sincerely speaking, it is not late to make amends, if we seek God’s face. Nigeria has to reclaim its lost glory; now is the time. Let us all go back to God and be submissive. A word is enough for the wise.

Pastor Lovina Inemasi Amangala Iburene, whose photo appears alongside this piece, is of the Truth Ministry, Lagos. She can be reached via

Source: News Express

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